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  1. Cool awards, but I won’t be going through that hassle lol. Unless I get one of the underlings to do it for me. Paying them anyway, and easier than real work.
  2. Cool idea guys, and the awards look great, but maybe I’m missing something. Am I meant to go through every single completion I’ve ever earnt, and make a note of the publisher? Then like put a tally next to it, and when I get 5 that’s one tier? Is this all done manually?
  3. Another small error, but we might as well be accurate. A chapter is missing - Operation Blood Storm - Trojan Horse is the first chapter of Blood Storm. So it should be number 27 with the subsequent chapters moved down one. It’s a significant chapter as it’s the one you get the three STF aces from in Blood Storm and the one where you control a certain something.
  4. Just use a VPN to play from Brazil. I had 60 odd wins, turned a VPN on, popped after my first game in Brazil.
  5. Vehicle kills no longer count towards the 10,000 kills achievement. Yeah good work. Not grinding that out by hand.
  6. Unofficially we have flags lol. Only historic ones are official flags, so Manchester isn’t for example. I think the Lancashire Rose would be official, as it’s as historic as you can get. People all over the world have heard of the war of the Roses. And yeah go for it, I don’t think anything in tier 3 is Hard. Just a bit time consuming.
  7. The Alien Toy is obtained by inserting three red coins, randomly dropped by zombies, into the coin machine in Journey Into Space. This part is wrong. The three red coins go into the souvenir shop in the Keplar System.
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