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  1. I'll be on more or less all day. Trying to get the two online achievements knocked out. GamerTag: KellwolfB6 or CraftyNessa
  2. Wife and I will be around tomorrow to work on those as well. Probably afternoon/evening East coast US time, but I'm off work, so timing is flexible.
  3. Gonna try for this again if anyone is around today to help out.
  4. Hey all, Wife and I are trying to knock out these achievements before 2.0 comes out and sucks up out time. Anyone around to help us get the two 4 person achievements tonight or tomorrow? Thanks! GamerTags are KellwolfB6 and CraftyNessa.
  5. Went back to get one more, let myself get killed just to see, and it started me back BEFORE the assassination this time just like the guide said. Seems like it's a little glitchy still on that. Grenade freeze up is still there.....
  6. For the I Siwa You Did There achievement, there's two more ways to make the officer's death look like an accident. Depends on which one randomly gets chosen to get the notebook. The one above is for the one on the right. I got the one on the left last night, and you just follow him until he stops next to some scaffolding in a courtyard. If you shoot the explosives next to the scaffolding, it collapses on him and the achievement unlocks. Great guide. It's really helped me out.
  7. Okay. Played through again and got the bell achievement. Got riddled with bullets, and instead of "exfiltrate," it started with the target running to his car. Took advantage of that and got both the "shoot him in the car" and "destroy the car" and "nearby explosives" achievements. So, now I only have to play through three more times.
  8. Apparently I'll have to play through this 7 times post patch. When I do the above method of just letting myself get killed after killing the target, the restart point is now at "exfiltrate" instead of before you kill him. Same with "load last save." It's happened the past three times, so I'm guessing it had to do with the patch I installed yesterday.
  9. I was wondering why I only got an achievement at the beginning when I got the mask. So, I went and looked at the achievements in the "Achievements App." Turns out I got another 5, but I never got notifications for any of them. Odd thing is, I got a notification on the first one, nothing on the other 4 and I never changed a damn thing.....
  10. Well, I'm out and uninstalling it. Won't work unless you use the TV app. Since is get more joy from lighting $110 a month in fire than sending it to our third rate cable company or DirecTV, I'll just continue to watch on the ESPN app.
  11. Watching my second match with the app, and I've yet to see a single poll. Reinstalled, so we'll see if that works.
  12. Of the launch titles, this is the one I bought that I was the least interested in. It's the one I've played the most. Go figure. Story was quite good, graphics and cut scenes were phenomenal. With facial quirks and the voice acting it's more like watching actors on a screen than CGI. I literally FORGOT it was a game a couple of times. Drawbacks are the pretty low variety of enemies and the similarity of missions. Honestly, it's a lot like Assassin's Creed I in that regard. Another great game who's major drawback was repetitiveness. The multiplayer is addictive. Get paired up with someone that is a team player and it is a LOT of fun. This is where there's a decent variety of mission types, even within one game sessions. Still has the problem of a short variety of enemies, though.
  13. Eh, running of a disc isn't it. Installed on the HD, it still freezes. For what it's worth, I turned my Xbox off for about 20 minutes so it could think about what it had done, and it didn't freeze again for the rest of the night.
  14. If it's the three doors "follow the white rabbit" in the mirrors above the doors. Worked for me on the third door. He appeared in the mirror once over each door. Went through on the third one.
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