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  1. Just wondering. The game looks amazing and I am PAL user!
  2. Thanks a lot! Let the grind begin ;-)
  3. Hi guys, I got "30 games played cheevo" about a year ago. It is time to grind the game right now to hit 100 games played. Partially I will boost but I will also play the game because it is still fun. Nevertheless I can't find how many games I did play. As you cn see - there are "some" statistics, but they aren't complete: http://bf1943.statsverse.com/stats/360/KroogerPL/ There are even less info on official EA account of course. My question is - are those statistics not counting anymore? Were they reset? Or they are just non-visible? IS the cheevo still obtainable?
  4. Looks like fun... I guess ;-) [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5UneRC9f9A]YouTube - ‪Let's Dance With Mel B (PS3, Xbox360)‬‏[/ame]
  5. Thanks. Is dying frustrating or you should just hide&shoot (and die less) more often than go rambo-like actions? ;-)
  6. Hi, Is the Hardest difficulty level a real hard one? I think I don't want to go for the Iron Man achievements but some extra points would be nice also. I was wondering if should I start the game on harderst difficulty or I would be killed a lot so the best way is to play on easy and gather all extra chieevos? I don't really want to get killed "suddenly out of nowhere" but I am quite good at singleplayer FPS games. What should I do to play comfortable? What is really the hardest difficulty level like? Thanks,
  7. For those who did not know how brilliant Dynasty Warriors 7 looks. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WGnwFyX47w]YouTube - Dynasty Warriors 7 - Gameplay (PS3, Xbox360)[/ame]
  8. Wow. Nice find! No info about achievements but that's a good start. Thanks a lot!
  9. Is the split-screen co-op a regular game where you play story mode and unlock story achievements as well as co-op achievements? I want to start a game on split-screen co-op and wondering if co-op is just competitive/AIdeathmach or it's a regular game.
  10. I am enjoying split-screen co-op with my friend very much from time to time and we've completed: Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Army of Two Army of Two: 40th Day Gears of War Halo 3 ...and we want to continue playin' split-screen. We don't really want to take another Halo/GoW title and I was wondering what else can we get? Is there any list of games that you can complete co-op with your friend? I am saying about games that both players get the achievements. I think there aren't many titles this kind: GRAW GRAW2 R6: Vegas R6: Vegas 2 Borderlands Gears of War 2 Halo 3 ODST Halo Reach Kane & Lynch: Dog Days LEGO series games what else? Mabye it is a good idea to make such thread and stick it that anyone can check what to play with your buddy on split-screen.
  11. I didn't notice the co-op actually because I started singleplayer and didn't bother. I'll check tommorow and I hope there is ;-)
  12. I'd give it a strong 7/10. If someone (anyone?) does not like greek mythology, then it's 6/10. Game is quite challenging (even on normal) and sometimes hard to cope with - sometimes enemies stand still ready to be killed and another time they are running with a rage. Lot's of playable characters (depending on mission), nice and the most important, very smooth graphics. Lots of satisfying combos and special moves and enemies that should be killed in different ways. Missions are't too innovative but I didn't went too far. I finished on Ajax mission yesterday and I am not sure if I would have time today. To sum things up. It is very satisfying, more close combat than DW series but still a lot of enemies to fight with. I'd buy it for sure.
  13. ...there's some slashing going to happen this evening. I hope it is as good as it looks ;-)
  14. Hi, Did you see the newest launch trailer? I think that the release date is 11.03.2011 [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-7SNIgM1Qg]YouTube - Warriors - Legends of Troy PL (PS3, Xbox360)[/ame]
  15. Thanks - Submit Forum has 0 posts and 2 admin threads. That misled me ;-)
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