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  1. Entertainment wise? Easily 10/10 for me. Loved every second of it.
  2. i've only played for a little bit as well, but i am loving every minute of it. i love this franchise!
  3. here's another one, from facebook!!! says 5 keys! although i havent redeemed it yet... WK5TB-3X66X-5CFBF-WFTJJ-XSC66
  4. Anyone looking for people to play with can add me. EST time zone. :-) Scizzler1079
  5. a bunch of new stuff, not sure when it goes live tho. http://fansided.com/2014/10/02/ea-ufc-new-update-feature-tim-kennedy-gunnar-nelson/ I cannot express enough how much I love free updates that actually add worthwhile stuff!!!!
  6. Is this just retail? Anyone have this issue with digital? Want to get this but might hold off if there's issues
  7. i know the op most likely made his decision, Id just like to clarify that its nothing at all like monster hunter, just for the record. :-)
  8. if im not mistaken, you goto "my games and apps", press start on whichever game, and goto "manage game" i think. then you should see a file on the right side? that is your settings file. that should delete all progress? at least for other games it has, havent tried with this game.
  9. this is completely incorrect. although i do agree so many things are broken in this game, the thai clinch is completely useless, unless they have you pressed against the cage in which case the clinch is op af. if it's not against the cage all you have to do is block one strike, and it gives you a window to disengage the clinch and separate. had a guy go for clinch over and over and using this method i was able to disengage every single time.
  10. Anyone looking to practice or "spar" hit me up! Gt- Scizzler1079
  11. just picked this up again, anyone looking to do coop can definitely hit me up! add me: Scizzler1079 :-)
  12. WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TELLING?!?!?!? I have a virtual fist fight with myself not to rage quit when this happens! I hate it! :-)
  13. from what i've seen while boosting this mission it seems like if both cars, that come after killing all the "professionals", get blown up, the case mysteriously gets destroyed immediately, where if one gets blown up or neither, it seems to go fine. now with that said it also has done that when neither gets blown up, but thats my take on it, so i just stay away from explosives when it comes to the two cars. :-)
  14. so you come to an "achievement" forum for this lol? no answer at MS or R*? Cuz, you know, they might have had this happen before and just might know a solution....?
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