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  1. Not sure if this will help, but I took the spreadsheet and modified into an order that follows an upgrade guide as well. It sometimes may be a little difficult to find the items as they're divided up per attribute, i.e. HP+, Resist Fire, etc.
  2. on the disney infinity website, there is mention that there will be a disc released for the next gen systems and that the platform and figures will work.
  3. Just hit 100K tonight! 90 games 100%.
  4. I haven't seen this one, and there really is only one currently, Pay It Forward. But it requires someone else to have played the game and gotten to a tome. So I will start it because I need it. I'll give a positive review to any who help. Thank you. GT: UnleashTheCASEY EDIT: I have it now. Thanks FullMetal594. KevmonD and Grishnaar, send me a friend request whenever, and you can get it.
  5. Also, difficult wise, I'd say 2~3 for middle section, and the shot master section (right one) and levels 1-12 of Combo Nation. 4~5 for CN levels 13-18, and maybe a solid 7 for CN levels 19-21. Prepare to be frustrated by the last few levels of Combo Nation.
  6. I enjoyed the game. I have all the achievements and the last few levels are a beast. I've checked out Mothman's guides and they are awesome. I can understand him being burned out the last few levels, so I will make another suggestion. If you check out the Overall Leaderboards in-game, some users have posted their runs. You can watch the replay and it will show all the button presses they did also. Best of Luck.
  7. The best suggestion I can give is when you highlight a level, you can press X to show the leaderboards. Go to Overall and some people have posted videos. I didn't realize it until I was about level 16. You can watch the videos and get some ideas on how to 3-star each level. Most are just keeping your chain going, but the last two levels are a pain. Spent about an hour apiece on levels 13-17. 18 and 19, a couple of hours each. The last two, 20,21, easily spent 10 hours+ finally putting all the combos, plus you have to get some bonuses (like GIGANTIC (15 bombs) and HUMONGOUS (30+ bombs)) just to reach the 3-star level. Can get very frustrating.
  8. Not writing a guide, but I'll say that 190 GS on this game is a breeze. The Combonator achievement is brutal. Just finished it tonight!
  9. Same here. Got all the Madden ones also except the online one for 07.
  10. I'll be on for about another hour if anyone can help. Thank you. GT: UnleashTheCASEY EDIT: Got it, but you can still message me if you need it.
  11. If you're still looking for a partner for "Don't Go it Alone" on Outlander, I'll partner up. Last cheevo for me.


    GT: UnleashTheCASEY

  12. The lorestone achievement is definitely total related. There were 70 originally and the DLC added 20 more. Once you get to 70, the achievement unlocks.
  13. looking to boost "stopped dead". Either hit me up in the next 10-15 minutes or tomorrow around 6-7pm Eastern. EDIT: Got all the MP cheevos. Thanks for the community help.
  14. American here, where Rugby looks like slightly organized "Kill the man with ball". The sport intrigues me and I'd like to find a game that I can learn the basics of the sport. Is this a decent game for that or should I look into Jonah Lomu Rugby?
  15. Question for anyone with the applicable skills. Is there a way to edit the gamercards that are in the signatures? For instance, anyone looking at the gamercard in my signature can see my gamertag runs into my gamerscore. The white bar containing my zone (pro for me, but i've seen rec for recreational) seems awfully long, but i'm not sure how well underground would fit. What I'd like to know, is there a way to edit the gamercard so that the white bar is shorter, thus shifting the score to the right? If so, please let me know, if not, then oh well. Thanks to anyone that can help.
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