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  1. Do you think we will finally see a proper remaster of the old games (the first 5... and maybe even Angel of Darkness if we are lucky) or this won't happen again? I know they are old games but they have a cult classic status and they could surely use the PC versions in term of graphics while keeping controller controls and make them decent. Lately i been playing Star Wars racers and honestly even tough its an old game (played it on N64 back then) its still fun to play with a modern controller and the graphics optimized in HD are fine. Honestly i feel by now with the resurgence of backward compatibility, classic games like the TR games and classic Resident Evil games, or even Parasite Eve etc, they should be remastered. And yes i love the new versions of RE, but they are different, i want the classic ones available without the hassles of plugging an old console. And of course achievements
  2. I am in a very similar situation, altough maybe not 300 & 200, i have a solid 60 something games to do on 360 and in term of X1 i would have to look but surely around the same if i count indy titles. Maybe more. That said i can't see myself missing on Gears 6 or Elder Scrolls 6. So i do have to get the Series (man i still hate that name) at some point but i am far from in a hurry and i promised myself this time ill stick to gamepass and the titles i really want to play right away (altough funny enough, they will likely be all gamepass games) . Im done with buying hundreds of games as long as i have that huge backlog behind.
  3. Wish i had bough that when i could. Personally i just completed Castle Crasher I used my X1 and 360 to face myself in All you can Quaf and finally, after over 3 500 days... (LOL) finish that game 😛
  4. Hi, In all honesty i am the kind of person who is always at ease in what he knows, so im rarely a fan of changes because it take time to get used to it. So i just wanted to put this little disclaimer before i say more, maybe ill get use to the new look eventually. That said, ill be honest, if i could switch back to the old look i would right away. The new look is very white bright, im reading there is a dark mode? I need to put this on because the white everywhere is really too bright. I much prefered the softer white/greyish the site had before. Honestly my only issue i had with the old design was the ads on my cell... Everytime i would search for a game or something, was to click on "achievements" or such, the time i clicked, the ads would load and it would make me click on return to the homepage or something. So always had to wait til the ads load and often they were a bit heavy and all. But i get you can have the site running with ads. I just wished they were better placed and didn't load with delay all the time. Once i was getting impatient, no joke, i misclicked like 4 times because everytime i would try to click too fast thinking i could "outclick" the ads lol. But otherwise loved the old design. I think what the site needed was something more along the line of trueachievements when it comes to guide, allowing a guide for a specific achievement instead of a whole big complete guide. The old format worked during the 360 days but either less peoples are interested in putting time and effort to fit the standard of this site guides, or there is just way too many games releasing every week (lots of indies etc) . So often i come to check the cheevos here and sadly no guide for the game. So im guessing allowing mister everybody to add a guide for a specific achievements would help filling the blanks instead on waiting so a guy make a whole complete guide for a game. Just my 2 cents on this. Now gotta go try that dark mode ASAP
  5. Honestly its hard for me. I totally avoid the Switch because of that. I can't believe in 2020 they can't freaking add a perma profile that carry over generations and count stuff for all games. When it comes to OG Xbox games, since they never had them back then, the system didn't existed, i kind of let it slide. I don't play 3 games a month but i ocasionally do 1 here and there, either the ones i loved the most back then or new ones i always wanted to try but never had time to. For instance in recent years i did The Punisher on my 360 and had fun. Did the first Hunter the Reckoning on X1 and really had fun too (had only played Redeemer on OG Xbox back then). There is some current BC games i really want to do at some point like Conker and Jade Empire, and some others that are not BC even not on 360 but really want to play like Curse The Eye of Isis and Time Splitters FP (altough i do still hope THQ does a remaster or something... can't believe they remastered Sponge Bob before that) But yeah its so fun to unlock achievements, it does seem like it miss something when gaming without them.
  6. It seem to come and go. There was a period when i was getting one a day, but lately its been a while since i got one... Same for my phone, at one point i was getting spammed every day by random numbers but lately after ignore and blocking them as much as possible it stopped...
  7. I had all systems of the 6th gen and decided for 7th gen to go with Xbox because their console was the one i prefered during the 6th. I loved being able to rip my music on the HDD, not having to buy memory cards, the exclusive games were fantastic even if not as numerous as PS2 (Fable, Morrowind, KOTOR, Buffy, Halo etc) So even tough i did bough a PS3 in 2016 for exclusives (and a PS4 late 2019) i been an Xbox gamer since pretty much 2004 (when i got my OG Xbox) so yes im a bit biased if you can say but i don't see myself as a "fanboy". The PS3 did had some cool exclusives (its why i bough it) and the PS4 has a lot too. Granted some finally did made it to Xbox (Yakuza games, at least some of them, Hellblade etc) but there is still lots of great ones not on Xbox. That being said outside the exclusives, the only 2 things i really like about PS4 are the platinum trophy (wish Xbox had an equivalent, so you get a special reward when finishing an OG 1000) and the PS2 games that have been "remastered" with trophies. Sadly Sony didn't exploit it as it should had, there is so few games... But hey the ones we got are nice. The Warriors SW Jedi Academy/Outcast Max Payne (wish MP2 came out...) GTA Vice City Primal to name a few. But the rest, again maybe its because i am an Xbox gamer first but i really prefer everything else on Xbox, be it the online, the UI, the controller, the store etc etc. Also Xbox even tough they didn't added achievements to the games like PS4 did to their PS2 games, we did got 42 OG Xbox games and thats pretty cool, they got upscaled visuals too. And obviously having half the 360 games ready to play on your X1 is pretty amazing. Oh almost forgot one thing, yeah there is ONE thing that really annoys me on XBOX, its that we can't have physical releases on indy games like PS4 does. Heard its not limited run fault but Xbox that does not let them release... Really annoying. Overall im "in good terms" with Sony, but i just prefer Xbox. Personally its Nintendo i have a slight problem with, even tough for most peoples they are the untouchable saint. I don't like that in 2020 they still don't have an achievement system, that their online is still awfull and voice chat is not even available in games without a stupid app. One of the best feature of the Wii/Wii U (the virtual console) been replaced by a subscription thing to play classic games and its nowhere near as developed. I mean... 2020 NINTENDO... classic games like Mario 3 or Mario 64 you bought on Wii U should had carried over with your account... and be playable on Switch.
  8. So seem this game has achievements issues it seem... ill stay away, even if by looking at the game list it looks like an easy 1000 (12 achievements only, but could be wrong of course)
  9. Like usual, we in Quebec are excluded from the competition even tough Canada is included. Its linked to some regulation of our lottery and games regulation company. Anyway, not that i had any chance of winning anyway (altough looking at it, 40 000G for the Canada leader ain't that big, could had probably come close with a fresh account using all my quick 1000Gs. But at least i was able to participate in the 10 000G to 10 000 Microsoft Rewards points. Im saying above i could had reach the 40 000G because without even trying hard i unlocked around 25 000 on 3 accounts. I maxed 1 account, another is super close lacking only 1200G or so (and i have another quick 1000G ready to go) and finally on my main account i reached 4000ish G but i think i could do a few more in the remaining 2 days. Bottom line is i was able to redeem 10$ on 2 spare accounts, plus i did dailies and other crap on bing during that time too so i racked up even more pts. I got around 13 000 MSRP on those 2 acccounts, so ill probably do dailies and crap til i can cash another 5$ at least. So far i bough 2 quick 1000Gs for my account with that money (lol) and with the spare ill get some others or ill rent a movie eventually, whatever, point is its free money and for that its cool.
  10. No they were not, they just been fixed in the latest patch yesterday, at least on Xbox One (heard it worked fine on PC). Obviously you could still unlock games and wins by playing offline or something like that but im speaking of normally playing online multiplayer and having your wins track in regular games. Happy to report its been fixed, got a mail on my ticket and tested it myself at this very moment. Nothing was added back retroactively during the down time but when its down for 2 months that was to expect...
  11. Currently the achievements are broken anyway... They ain't in a hurry to fix them and it bothers me. I won't play if my wins don't up.
  12. Ok so disclaimer first. I don't usually play games they call MOBA, i am more a Gears/COD and Halo (SWAT Only) player who likes the good ol TDM where everybody start close to the same. I decided to give a go to Bleeding Edge because first it had an easy 1000G (yeah if you are here, you care too) and because it was included with my gamepass subs. Why not give these new studios that Xbox got a chance? Especially when its "free". Last disclaimer, i only played either by myself or with 1 friend, never with a full team of 4. And yes this game is HEAVY, like Andre the Giant heavy on teamwork. Its not like Halo where when i have a bad team in SWAT, i can still roam around and pull triple kills one after the other and finish 23-8 while my teamates barely get 0.3 KD and we still loose the game, yet at least i dominated and had a fair share of fun. Here in Bleeding Edge if your team is a bunch of noobs who don't know how to play, you will find the game long and annoying as you can't kill someone by yourself when he has a healer behind him. Even if you focuss on the healer, you are likely gonna get wreck in the back by the other dude before you can dispatch him. Obviously skill do matter and im not saying its impossible, but a "good player" in BE with a crappy team is likely gonna be wreck if facing a full team of decent players. So because of that, and like i said "puging" with randoms, i loose most of my matches. I try everything i can, switch characters if nescessary, as a healer i try to follow the strong DPS, as a DPS i try to follow my healer, i try to play smart yet in team, but sometimes you just have headless chicken teamates who run around in the map and get dispatch 1 by 1 and never learn. Sometimes im fighting at the ONLY control point active and im like "where the hell are you guys" Anyway so due to that my experience with Bleeding Edge been really "meh" overall. Its a fun game but if you have a full communicating team. Its not the kinda game to load alone and just hope your teamates don't go 3-16 and if they do around 1.0 KD you still have a fair share of winning. So probably once im done with my least remaining cheevos, ill be done with the game. But i insist its not a bad game, not at all, its just not the kind of game that suit the style i play. I do love playing with full teams, but with my schedules etc i do not a lot of "long game nights" anymore. I usually connect for 3 games then have to go. I keep those game nights with friends for our Gears night. So because it was an easy and short 1000, because it was included as GP and i didn't paid (i think its 40$ canadian) its release price, im glad i played it and played something different. I wish it the best succes it can have. Personally im craving for a new FPS in the vein of old Quake and such. Had so much fun with Doom TDM in 2016 and was very sad to see it was not coming back in Eternal. I will always be sad i missed Law Breakers as i didn't had a PS4 before it died. Wish i could had at least played it for 2 months or so. It look so much fun, never understood why it failed that hard. Anyway...
  13. 75 matches? Not even close. I would need to look at my stats but im sure i don't have more than 25 matches and the last remaining thing i have to do is healing and im at 77% if im not mistaken. Obviously some of the stuff depend on luck/skill but even if i been plagued by crappy players on my teams and lost probably 2/3 + of my matches the control points capping, kills, damage etc came very early and naturally. The cells i just finished a few days ago but i had 2 games where i dropped like 15 of them in one go. Sometimes you just gotta Ninja around, wait for the second batch because there will be more than 1 point open, and then drop it all and boom, you can insta win a game that was like 34-29. My main characters are the Snake guy and the chaingun girl, im sorry i kinda forgot their name lol. Chaingun girl is great for DPS, snake guy is actually decent for DPS and can heal a fair share. I just can't play with Miko and i heavily dislike Zero Cool with is sure the best pure healer and kinda needed, but does nothing DPS wise... Anyway, im averaging 5% healing on the cheevos bar with my snake guy per game when teamates are not idiots (stay together and i can heal them) so im assuming by 5 more games or so i should be done...
  14. Some days i open my Xbox and it does an auto update on a game, but then like today i had one yet when i was launching Gears 5 it says it had an update to do. It was only 1GB so fine.. but if it would had been 10 yeah it would had annoyed me a bit, altough with games like Gears i play often i try to keep mostly up to date with the big updates coming.
  15. Resurecting this thread because Resident Evil 3 remake is actually 2 games in 1 and has 2 different achievements list. In that case, being 2 very different games but just sold as a "package" for value, i think it was really the right call.
  16. Everything that does not require tempering with the game is considered accepted. For instance if a game has an ingame glitch, you can even exploit that glitch without any fear. What you CAN'T do is modify a game/save file with a computer for instance to have achievements auto unlock or stuff like that. In the early years of the 360 i totally saw boosting as "cheating" even if it was accepted by the TOS, i hated it, but i realized with time that EVERYBODY was doing it and i was just putting sticks into my wheels not doing it myself too and trying to unlock MP cheevos legit (for instance, 100 headshots being done on 100 playing players in a real game) Nowadays i do like everybody. The problem is there is no way to monitor who boost and who does not. Even if Xbox was hard at enforcing a no boosting rule (wich they wouldn't due to time/money/just not caring as its good for business) it would be hard for them to prove peoples are indeed boosting and not being just "bad at the game" Im writing this long post because before being "an achievement hunter" i am a competitive multiplayer guy. I love beating peoples online, i find enjoyement and pride in beating a real human, and not so much in beating an AI. Ironically even if SOME AI can be cheated trough glitched/tricks etc, most of the time its not the case and you really have to dedicate time to do it, while humans can be "bough" lol and its always possible to boost. So i kinda learn to live with the fact that no matter how impressive a Multiplayer achievement is, the dude who got it more than likely ...boosted it. If he didn't he would need a clip to prove he did it "legit". Anyway...
  17. The problem is those codes can expire, so even if you did find an unused one for a 360 games that was delisted, more than likely it would just simply not work.
  18. Ill recommand getting an USB Stick for your 360 to put delisted games on there just in case. In all honesty tough, most delisted games are not weighting that much and with my 250GB i get plenty of space to keep them.
  19. We share Bioshock (only played the first 1, felt enough for me at the time even tough i snatched Infinite when it was free as GWG and MAY eventually play it)
  20. Haha im a bit OCD with timestamps personally. Once when i moved out of one place they took 2 weeks to plug me back my internet, and i was trying to play as much as i could without unlocking cheevos but them had to unlock a few and still it annoys me that these have no timestamps today. My first ever achievements too (All Oblivions cheevos) have no time stamps since i didn't had live at that point yet..
  21. WOW that surprising especially on 360...:/ Glad i didn't had anything glitch like that personally. All cheevos i earn in the past days popped (to my knowledge) but im more the kind of guy who play online for the fun of it, so when live is having issue i notice it and put the Xbox aside and do netflix or other things. I guess the issues live is having on and off is due to the quarentine/corona virus, hopefully they open more servers and/or beef up their network to manage to keep it stable.
  22. This one also bugged me as i tried using guys like Kane/Taker wich i know have similar moves but it didn't worked. Didn't know you needed a guy with the ability per say, in previous games (from memories) anybody could steal a finisher... So yeah use Cody Rhodes for instance, the checklist hint will appear on screen right away. Im posting so this goes highter on page 1 for the others like me who just started the game and need help with that. I didn't really had much trouble for the rest exept the In-out of the apron with A so im throwing it there too... it does not work with every guy , you need a guy that can do a dive outside like Jeff Hardy, wich i also used for the diving stuff and it was easy.
  23. I know this is an old thread but if anybody like me who just started the game (yes im not that guy who goes only for just released games lol) the best way to do this is use a second controller, and therefore have your second controller always do the move. For some reasons even if i was blocking and usually have no difficulty reversing moves, this one took me around 5/6 tries... and when i got it , it blocked in a weird way kinda still connecting but it was crossed of the checklist so i said "done, moving on" lol;)
  24. I meant in a way to have you copied them to him, just came out formulated wrong. Because without enough space you will have to constantly download/copy games to him.
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