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  1. I did this in about 45 minutes thanks to this guide. I set the game on easy and just did the old save/reload/save/reload/save/reload. Worth it though. 35 points I'm proud of
  2. I need online achievements. Herro Kittie. I'm on pretty much everyday.
  3. So does that mean that since I won a game in arcade mode before getting this achievement that I've missed it for good?
  4. Sorry but I can't remember his name right now. Anyway .... I'm on must die mode and this fish stays invisible. I'm wondering if it's just a problem I'm having or if this is supposed to happen. And if som what is the strategy? I can't target him and I'm finding this impossible to get past.
  5. I'm up for boosting. GT - Herro Kittie. I'll be on throughout the week after 4:30!
  6. Against people - Nightmare. The abuse of having a big sword is annoying to the point where I throw my controller. AI - Cervantes. The computer gets you in a lock where they do the spinning dash towards you, then do it to you up in the air. They repeat it over and over until you're just dead. No time to block or do anything. You just sit and watch yourself die.
  7. I'm at work right now so I'll try to post some pics later but for now I'll try my best at a list. Anime DVD: Around 30-45 Manga: Only about 10 Shirt: Plenty of Death Note, Naruto, Vampire Knight, and Sailor Moon. Also a sweet Samurai Champloo hoodie. Figurines: Chobits And I just got my new awesome Elfen Lied key chain from Amazon. It's Lucy's helmet from the beginning on episode 1. I LOVE IT!! I'm sure I'm missing a lot of misc stuff. But that's the bulk of it. I just started collecting about 3 months ago and I'm hooked.
  8. I've done about 60% of quick battle with Xiba unsing his <--- y button combo. I just hope that I can spam kill them before they start a combo on me. Because once they get a combo going your dead. It makes me wonder if the game testers really tested this and said "You know what? I'm having fun with this. This seems fair."
  9. Finally got him last night after he beat me 23 times. >.< Now Ivy is in my way ... The AI in the game is insane to say the least.
  10. Has anyone else had problems with this? I feel as though it's harder than the TEKKEN guy. I've tried all characters and can't seem to find a way to beat this guy. HELP!?
  11. I'd like to know how many of you guys attend anime conventions? I went to Dragon Con last year for the first time and fell in love. I'm going to MTAC in a few months and plan on returning to Dragon Con later this year. So do you guys go? Witch ones? And who do you cosplay when you go?
  12. I just can't get over the fact that this is even an issue. How hard would it have been for them to just make it save after every match? HUGE FLAW if you ask me.
  13. For Legendary Souls it gave me Algol's hair. As far as I could tell that's all. No title or anything. Sad.
  14. I used the Xiba method and got it on my first try! Thanks for the tip
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