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  1. Hey folks. Can't seem to load up the normal thread for this kind of thing, so here I am. Can't do it on my own, drop me a line if you want to get in on this. GT: The Stimulator
  2. This wraps things up neatly, without all the flaming :-p Just grab a couple flags, plant a couple bombs, and you're on your way.
  3. /prophecy Seems to me they're going to have Rogen do the Bruce Wayne-Millionaire Playboy thing, only it isn't just an act. Then he'll eventually cowboy up to fight the Underworld, with Kato doing all the heavy lifting. /prophecy off
  4. Only if my 360 quits. Got my purdy Halo 3 Edition, never had one problem yet.
  5. Awesome. Just finished the storyline, and some of these achievements look ridiculous. Thanks for spelling this out.
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