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  1. How to perform a hack. To the left of the keyboard are a phone and a modem. Put the phone on the modem. Turn on the computer by pressing the red button on the keyboard. Enter name. Go to advanced. Kill process 1. Kill process 2. Kill process 3. Kill process 4. Dial phone number. Crack. Brute force. Use the four available threads. Wait for the hack to complete. Do not use the keys on the keyboard. Use your controller to prevent xbox sleepmode.
  2. First we will complete the hacking achievements. At the start of the game, don't pick up the school badge from the middle drawer of the desk, ignoring computer prompts to do so. This will give you infinite time in which to do the following hacking achievements. Action Figure - Lawyer 311-399-0201 Action Figure - GameDev 311-437-0513 Action Figure - Forensic 311-399-3110 Action Figure - MP 217-407-2504 Action Figure - Killer 311-399-1206 Action Figure - Mad 311-399-0001 Action Figure - Alien 311-399-5151 Action Figure - Thief 311-767-1201
  3. There are 8 hacking achievements in this game. Each of these requires about 10 minutes, 8 minutes are spent waiting for the brute force hack to complete. The end achievement takes a bit longer, because you have to complete a hack and install pandoras box game. Let us say this achievement takes 20 minutes. The achievement at the start, hacking the school, also takes about 10 minutes. In conclusion we are looking 9 x 10 minutes plus 1 x 20 minutes, which results in 110 minutes. Let us round this up to 2 hours. Disclaimer: the above is only valid if you play using my playthrough. If you choose to play as intended by the developers, it will take much longer. My playthrough will avoid delays due to mothers interference about going to bed, doing homework etc.
  4. UI. On the main map, pressing "Y" will toggle the selected puzzle between the puzzle and the puzzle stats. The stats consist of the completion times for normal and hard difficulty. Play all puzzles on hard difficulty. How to activate hard difficulty; Go to the main map. Press "A" on a puzzle you want to solve. On the puzzle screen wait a few seconds for the "Y"-icon to become active. Press "Y" to toggle between normal and hard difficulty. Verify you are on hard difficulty; This can be done in two ways. First way is to look at the icon on the bottom-right. If the suit of the icon is a club then you're playing on normal. If the suit of the icon is a spade then you're playing on hard. Second way is to hold the "back"-button. This will give a pop-up explaining the icons. The pop-up on the bottom-right will tell you your current difficulty. One of the hints will say the puzzles can be done in 20 minutes. However there is no time limit for unlocking the achievements. Feel free to take your time to solve the puzzles.
  5. I'm only duplicating items with a weight of zero. Otherwise the weight will be too much which results in over-encumbrance, which makes the walk to the shop more difficult.
  6. Um, this is the last post I see from you:



    Was there a different one? It's in the 2015 game's forum.

  7. hello, did someone remove my latest post in magic duels?

  8. Latest update removes the shop, daily quests and coins from the game. This update unlocks all the cards automatically. This takes all the fun out of the game!!! My daily routine involved playing matches and doing the quests. My personal goal was to get up to 100.000 coins and then stop playing. They stopped me from reaching my goal, and I was only 2.700 coins away from my goal. A buddy of mine was playing to unlock all the cards and foil them. Guess what: you need the store to foil cards. you need coins to foil cards. F*^&(^ this update
  9. Looking to complete the horde achievements. I want to start with: Kinda-Missed--Em-In-A-Weird-Way and Do-You-Even-Lift? For these achievements we will be playing horde on insane. We will play as soldier-class. We will play as Marcus, Cole, Dom, Baird and Anya. (I have all these characters unlocked). When we finish these two achievements we will look for other horde-achievements to do. Not using the fabricator and iron-man come to mind. Contact me on xbox live, my gamertag is "Theo Boots"
  10. I'm working on my skill cards, want to get them to lvl 6 as soon as possible. Basically, I want the "Classy!" achievement by getting the heavy skill cards to level 6. Some skill cards cost 600 scrap apiece. To get them from level 5 to 6 I need 20 cards. This would require 12.000 scrap. To get a card from level 4 to 5 requires 6000 scrap. You get the picture, the amount of scrap I need is huge. This is why I'm considering to scrap the character cards. Some cards can not be scrapped and I want to hold on to characters which I need for the "I've got the codes" and "Kinda missed 'em in a weird way" achievements. So, I'm scrapping all possible character cards. Except for Minh, Marcus, Cole, Dom, Baird and Anya. Other achievements which you might consider are "Mine!" and "custom made". I already have these two achievements, but starting players might consider not scrapping the series 3 cards in addition to the character cards mentioned above.
  11. As you advance in the game the XP becomes more important than the CR. Untill re-up 11 is reached, I scrap the cards that yield CR. Sometimes I use this scrap to create cards that yield XP. Other times I use this scrap to create skill cards. After re-up 11 I would definitely go the CR-way for more lootboxes.
  12. I recently started playing gears 4. All my classes are rank 10. At this time I'm working on my skill levels. Looking for decent players who want to do 1-50 on insane. My preferred class right now is the scout. I'm also working on the heavy-skills.
  13. I see. Thanks for the fast reply. You are right, these don't have any gamerscore. I suppose you can lock this thread now.
  14. hello, I unlocked: Road to Gears 5: Gilded Marcus Road to Gears 5: Hero Banner However I do not see these in the achievement list.
  15. some of the achievements are glitchy. Bite the Bullet: I have done the first fight several times with 10 or more police tokens collected. I tried 2 sets of 3 police tokens and 1 set of 4 tokens. I tried 4 sets of 3 police tokens. I tried having 4 empty save slots and replay the beginning fight on every single one of them. I tried restarting the fight with the red B-button. At this point in time the achievement has not popped for me. The achievements for reaching locations will pop. But the achievements for winning the fight at those locations will not pop. Doing those fights again after a night's rest will sometime work. However the "she saved you a bullet" has yet to pop for me, even after replaying this particular one several times. *Update: acquired all achievements now. It took several attempts. Also it seems to help if you wait for any expected achievement to pop up before continuing the story. - Go easy on the B button -
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