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  1. Need someone to help with this. Gamer tag: larky78 won’t take long message we can sort a time.
  2. I'm finding master difficulty more like impossible difficulty. I never shy away from completing a game on its hardest difficulty but battles on solo and survival solo are impossible!
  3. my gt: larky78 looking to do the random achievements and co op ones
  4. Why is it one minute I can craft fire ammo then the next it won't let me ?
  5. just got this achievement first time. just make sure you complete the 5 floyd missions before the boss and that they are bronze or higher. A merit medal does not count.
  6. Zoltan card is not in deck or under the tree. Even after the patch I can't find it. The book is there but not the card
  7. It's just certain levels of the single player and you just kill enemies to get points. I've got a couple of callenges to do then I've completed everything. The game is worth the price tag ( that's my opinion )
  8. In the second part of the game you come against zombies just melee them with the lead pipe and try to make there heads go pop
  9. Can you get this achievement on some else's game or your own? Saying that I'm on the first part and need help I also have 2 controllers GT larky78 Xbox one
  10. After my original post I continued playing when to different area and it popped 20 mins later. Stress over
  11. Is this achievement glitched as I killed one and it didn't pop
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