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  1. When you select a level you'll be able to choose the difficulty there, before you enter the map. The square on the mission select screen is the level, press it once you'll get to choose a team and then press again and you'll find the difficulty list.
  2. Check the Achivement Guide to get an idea of that, but honestly most Dynasty Warriors games contain a lot of grinding achievements which can take ages and ages to get through. Also note that the final achievement is 'get all other achievements' and is worth 90 GS alone. So I imagine you'll manage to get a few hundred with a quick play, a few hundred more if you play through the entire story game and spend a few hours on the other modes. But honestly, if you're looking for a short term game with a lot of GS this isn't going to get you there.
  3. It's strange but my money (gold) won't rise above 996999. I'm getting plenty of income (made it this far) but it just won't go any higher several turns, invasions and schemes later. Nothing will make it rise higher. My troop numbers are at 999999, no problem there. But my gold won't increase any further. Anyone found this in their games? Any clues what may be holding me back here?
  4. So I played through again after deleting my original save file and it worked. I did read elsewhere that this is a glitch that exists on the European version of Syberia and possibly not the American one. No idea why. Hope this helps anyone else that comes across this problem in the future.
  5. I fixed it. Turns out there was some kind of problem and the DLC wasn't showing up, even though I'd bought and downloaded it. When I did it initially I bought the DLC through the in-game shop and it didn't appear. In the end I downloaded the DLC again, this time through the XBox Shop and then it worked. I have no idea why. So if anyone else finds that their Maw DLC doesn't appear - try downloading it straight through the Xbox store, not the in-game store.
  6. I'm pretty sure they'll keep the English Voice Actors for the core series, but the less popular sub-series - like Empires and Warriors Orochi - seem to have gone through cost-cutting measures. But I agree totally. I think Empires especially because there are elements of strategy involved, but also WA because you're trying to read a storyline dialogue while trying not to die. Frustrating in both cases.
  7. This just happened to me too... Did deleting the saved data help resolve this issue for you?
  8. That's what I was about to mention. After the museum lecture, you need to go back to the paleontologist to get the mammoth doll back and his papers about the Ark. Also, it might be worth noting that the last mammoth item you get from the package in the hotel should be the final item for the achievement.
  9. Hey guys, I also wish to boost up the multiplayer achievements on this one. I was wondering though, can this be done with just one other person or does the multiplayer require the match to be full?
  10. I have a feeling this is a fairly moronic question as no one else seems to have problems finding the DLC levels, but I have no idea how to select them. I've purchased all three, but I cannot figure out where to select them. When I go to the level select, I only have the usual levels and they don't seem to be under the Options menu either. Silly question, sorry. Could someone tell me how to actually access these bloody levels?
  11. I think you're right, Sophitia is good but really short-range. Making her a poor choice for racking up kills for this Challenge. I tried her out, I noticed the Y button does that... move from the Soul Calibre games. I would love to meet the person that came up with that move... I gave Kasumi a try and... yeah. Another speedy ninja thing that doesn't really interest me much. Oh well. I tried Rachel, who was pretty good! Her EX move is visually impressive but not really powerful enough for such a long process. Still it's pretty interesting to see a character shooting bullets all over the place in a game traditionally about swords and spears. Sterkenburg turned out to be pretty damn good with a lot of powerful mass-attacks that'll be really useful for clearing crowds of enemies. Not bad for a character I'd never heard of from a game I've also never heard of. Seimei Abe has some great attacks and is kind of similar in some ways to Zuo Ci - but far more awesome. His attacks are powerful and have a massive spread making him great for crowd clearing. The huge downfall, however, is that his attacks lack a knockback so the strength-based enemies will just stand there and not flinch - allowing them to then wail on you before you can get out one of your more powerful charge attacks. His musou is also seriously weak, barely doing any damage at all - despite being so visually impressive. So disappointing because, wow, he's an interesting guy to play as. Paper effigies. It's a crazy game. Also gave Kyubi a go and she's also great for crowd-clearing. Her 'tail spaz', as I've been calling it, is immensely useful and able to deal with anything before her. She's a little slow though, so you have to be careful not to get caught unawares. Her tail spaz is practically unblockable, as is her musou attack. I'm going to give the rest a try soon.
  12. So, I've been playing through the Story Mode mostly, almost finished it now. Then I'll probably play the DLC maps to get that absurdly grindful "Unstoppable Champion" Challenge. However I was wondering how the new "Ultimate" characters play. Because I'm trying to level up a bunch of characters to a) run through the challenge quicker and b) get me through Gauntlet mode, this means I haven't bothered switching characters much during story mode. So, could anyone tell me how well they play? Any of them interesting to play as (beyond their personalities). Any of them particularly good for a Gauntlet team?
  13. You may need to buy some animals if you haven't gotten them all yet. I was missing the falcon even after I got the rest of the animals.
  14. I do like to try and get all achievements for a game, including multiplayer whenever possible. However sometimes I do resign myself to single player achievements only as the multiplayer are either too much of a nuisance or virtually impossible. Now normally I still have a good go at acquiring them and Revelations, unlike Brotherhood, still seems to have some players playing it. However, I bought the game second-hand - so I would have to pay for the online pass. Then there's the Multiplayer DLC to boot. All of which seems like it'll be a massive hassle and far too difficult, time-consuming and frustrating to deal with because there'll be too few people playing the other modes or DLC. What do you guys think? Is it really worth trying or do you think it'd be way too much faffing to try and get them all? I just don't want to waste my money on multiplayer if I'm not going to be able to get the achievements - since they're probably one of the only reasons to buy the DLC now as I don't think anyone plays any modes save for Deathmatch.
  15. Nevermind on the levelling thing - I didn't realise to get all the voices I needed level 30 and max bonds. Oh well. Still, I would like to know about the DLC if anyone's downloaded it.
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