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  1. Worst piece of DLC I have played in years. They tool everything bad about this series (nonstaggering enemies, poison, petrification, constant danger of falling) and threw it all into one package. Horrible. Cave of the Dead boss is the cheapest shit in the entire series.
  2. Cave of the Dead. Literally the worst area of any game I have EVER played.
  3. Just wanted to point out that the Freeware achievement actually glitched out for me as I can no longer gain experience and need one last skill point. Idk if there is a work around for this or if I've done something wrong. Also, I can no longer progress the Human Trafficking. One of the briefcases popped up to choose as an objective and I received a phone call in-game and it cancelled out the objective. The mission is no longer on the map nor is the briefcase.
  4. That is what I was referring to, and I have already tried pressing down on the D-pad.
  5. I have fully researched the UMK SMG. However, the only upgrade that is applied in-game is the red dot sight. None of the others, including the suppressor or recoil dampener are present. Anyone else having this issue or is there another way to apply these upgrades I am unaware of?
  6. Yes, I have two stars (normal) for all chapters that track difficulty. Either way, I should have still gotten the boss specific achievements and the turret achievement.
  7. I have completed the entire game and did not receive any achievements after earning Campaign: Eurocorp. I went out of my way to do all of the boss achievements and the turret achievement but none of them popped.
  8. Please add me if you want to trade the 3g achievement. I want my score even
  9. My experience in this game and Demon's Souls leads me to this conclusion: ALWAYS HAVE A SHIELD. The way I beat him was I simply sidestepped him and back stabbed him over like 6 times. Fairly easy encounter.
  10. Did you do them alone? If you beat any of the challenges with a friend it voids the achievement.
  11. ^^^*SCOFF* It IS a multiplayer game.
  12. The new maps are stellar, especially Founder's Tower. I haven't been wowed by a map in a long time. It starts out decent but when you get to the catwalks and scaffolding, you're zipping around and climbing at a very smooth pace. Orgasmic. The new abilites are all very nice too. Especially the UAV and the Heal Aura
  13. Thanks, bro. I don't completely hate Microsoft, but I can admit that the 360 isn't perfect. Neither is PSN for that matter. I hate how what people own has to be the best.

  14. The pass was a no brainer and a brilliant marketing gimmick. Rockstar works their magic as always.
  15. But again, not only does a developer have to go through their publisher for a patch, but they also have to go through Microsoft/Sony. Microsoft is well known for their strict regulation of patches and limit the amount developers can change their games via updates.
  16. Trivial things like achievements shouldn't factor in the quality of a game. They're purely superficial, and serve no purpose (Time for the flame). You're generalizing it to be a black and white scenario. I've got news for you, nothing in life is black and white.
  17. You don't know much about the industry, do you? Unless the dev is distributing their own game, the publisher makes all of the decisions regarding funding and release dates for a game. If EA tells X company to make Cheerleading World Championships 2012, you better believe they're going to make it if they want to keep their jobs. And I disagree, a patch is acceptable. Games are usually done and pressed months before they come out. If they see that there is a problem before their deadline, why just leave it like it is?
  18. I highly doubt any developer goes into a game thinking "DERRR. LET'S MAKE A BAD GAME".
  19. NO. NO. NO. The race for metacritic score is what's hurting the industry. Here's the problem. Purely irrelevant of how I feel about Call of Duty: Call of Duty get 93 on metacritic. This in turn drives up sales. Developers and publishers especially see this. What do they do? copy the game that's making the most money. And no, everything about your opinion on CoD is subjective. I would actually argue that the visuals on CoD are extremely dated. Not to mention the AI is either cannon fodder, or godlike.
  20. So you let reviews justify your purchases? How simple you must be to let other people come to concise opinions for you. It's a good thing people have died for your right of individualism. I also find it funny how you use Gears and CoD as your examples of games worth your money. Seeing as Gears of War 2 had the most broken multiplayer of any game this gen. Not to mention how every CoD is almost exactly the same with slightly better graphics and a new theme. Reviews really don't matter. Period. There's no reason games like Call of Duty should get the stellar reviews they do when they do nothing to innovate. Instead they stagnate their multi-million dollar trends to market to the ignorant masses of fans that have the "if it doesn't have MP I'm not buying it" or "If it's not Call of Duty, it's bad" mentality. Call of Duty is the main reason the FPs genre has been fruitless for so long.
  21. It has a LOT of 8's. Good reviews so far for a game with no campaign Not to mention a lot of the sites reviewed the unpatched version (Brink has a day one patch). I'll still be picking it up.
  22. I have the same problem. I'm playing in HD if that matters?
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