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  1. lookin to get the horde achievement done, i'm on right now, message me and just tell me who i need to be, GT: Mr McGibbletss
  2. um....... the maps are free now anyways, so how does this apply?
  3. Gamestop's in the US will be giving out BETA codes as well if you preorder the game at the store this coming week, look for them at your local gamestop's
  4. this sucks, cuz i have to work the midnight shift at gamestop to sell this game to you fools. i will let you all know how it will go down that night some time next week. i pretty much know how each store is going to do it, but it will be confirmed next week, so look for an update then.
  5. finally some new weapons and other things.....
  6. ya man, great interview here, i wish i lived in the chicago area so that i could listen to the DRIVE all day every day
  7. they didn't include one because i personally don't know how they would've included it, and how it would have even worked. this game isn't meant for multiplayer, it's only meant for a single player experience, as is it was made to be from the moment they started the game. sigh......... i wish i could play through it again
  8. I personally don't see how this will stop the profile glitching, if anyone can clarify this a bit more, it would be great.
  9. http://fourzerotwo.blogspot.com/2007/09/tokens-inbound-beta-iconers.html just be patient....
  10. They are ruining it by being impatient. Now with you living in Canada, thats pretty much the states too, so nothing against you, but the people that live in Europe, only need to wait one more week to get it, and the chances of getting into a match with them is pretty good now since a lot of them have done this method to get the beta. It's just more annoying than anything really, because they are making it global, just that they are spacing it out. Waiting a week or so for a BETA isn't such a bad thing man, i mean it's not like you need it or you're not going to get it........ :/
  11. spartans, maybe ODST's and elites, but not brutes, way too big and the flood? well that would just be idiotic
  12. naw man, i feel the same way. i played throught it once and i really payed attention to the detail, the story and everything, but then when i try to play through again on hard mode, and i really want to play through again, i just can't seem to bring myself to doing it, and i don't know why, but i just can't
  13. flip

    Achievement Guide

    character limit is the reason i couldn't do this man, otherwise i would
  14. this is what i roll with 1. RPG's x2 2. Stopping Power 3. Deep Impact last stand is stupid imo, if you're gonna die, you're gonna die, nothing you can do about it, plus i hate it, if i'm gonna die, i want my main weapons back and not have to wait any longer to own it up
  15. It was never Activision's decision to go modern with the CoD franchise, it was Infinity Ward who chose it, and hell, this is supposed to be CoD 3 technically(at least that's what the people at IW call it since they had no say in the retail CoD3) and to be honest, CoD3 sucked anyway, plus WWII games are so stale and overdone that this is a VERY good change for the franchise.
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