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  1. well, I started the game at march 1st (played the beta only) and after 10 days I have 55% of the achievements (according to TA). Got all my 'default blueprint' achievements (I asked for materials in the Trade chat and many players gave me them for free, others can be easily obtained in 5-6minutes quests) and level up Greeks to 40 (Egyptians are level 15 right now). All right all right, I know that I still have Crete to go, but considering that I can level up a civilization to lvl 40 in about 5-6 days without using the "**** of the Empire" glitch (but using skirmish boost method after had finished with the achievement related quests), I will have plenty of time to finish crete before the servers are closed. *Greeks took me a bit longer to complete because I had to finish the "any premium civ." achievements with them (which include the damn "you complete me" achievement!). My conclusion is: I would give the game a try (in my opinion, if you start the game during this month I would dare to say that time is not a excuse, because even if you only play during weekends and holidays, you can do it), but yes, dedication is important to 1000G it before 1st July. Give AoE Online a priority level if you really want to finish it and before you notice, it will be over. And if you are a TA member, it worth 4000+ TA scores, which is amazing!
  2. I never created a account or played this game after it was released, but I played during the beta, can I still play this game?
  3. looking for someone to help me with Moxxi DLC, preferably with a modded weapon.
  4. Not in this game dude, u can play online without the pass but there are restrictions. Anyone else?
  5. Hello everyone. I got the game some days ago and I was wondering if I need to Uplay passport to get the 1.000G (or should I say 1.350G). I made a search and I saw people saying that I complete it, others that I can't because Abstergo Entertainment achievement ("Reach level 20 in the multiplayer mode."). Can someone who got a used game and therefore didn't used the pass tell me the answer please ? Thanks.
  6. I'm looking for players to boost multiplayer achievements
  7. I need all MP achievements. GT: colllecionador (I'm still lvl 6 I think)
  8. Does this mean that I don't need the online pass to get the 1000G too?
  9. Ok guys, I'm having a problem with Quelaana Quest‎... I can see her... I can speak to her... I placed the Lordvessel with Darkstalker Kaathe... I have a Pyro Glove +10 (and other 2 with no "+") but she doesn't give me the quest. But I have to say one more thing... when I started to speak with her after place the Lordvessel some creatures attacked me and I run away to kill them and for this reason her speech was "cancelled" (but I quite sure that the speech wasn't for the quest because I saw it on youtube)... I dunno if this affects anything... Please help. EDIT: I'm going for the Fire Tempest spell... can I kill her to get it? I saw at wiki that I can kill her to get the spell.. is it true?
  10. Thanks everyone for the help! So, can I still trade/drop with my friend even while I'm a enemy? I never considered this option. But I presume that I can not choose who I'm going to invade, right? Oh, and when someone invades other player, can he instantly move/attack or he will have to wait for the animation of him leaving a hole? (Sorry, I never invaded anyone) Yes, I know that I can only place signs near boss entraces, but can I place a sign next to a boss entrace and then, after my friend summon me, move away for a hiding place in the map and trade there? or do I NEED to stay close to the boss door (I only know that when I get too far from my sign before summon it disappears)?
  11. Sorry for the noob question but to summon someone as a white/gold.phantom I need to use the white sign soapstone right? Then the player summons me by using my sign on the floor and then he drops the item and I pick it up right? Sorry I also didnt got your point about the covenants... As far as I know the only one that affects summons is the covenant of the way of of white. Anyway thanks for ur help.
  12. Hello, I know that there are many threads about this but after read most of them there are still some unanswered questions. Well... I know that to trade a item with other player online you need to join his world... but my first question is, how do I join his world? by summon or invade? I also read that there is a level restriction to join other players world... how many levels of difference? I also saw some people saying that you must be in the same servers of the other player... how do I know that I'm on the same server of my friend? is there anything I can do to improve the chances? Well... That's it. Thanks.
  13. Colllecionador


    Hi, I'm about to start this game and I would like to know... are the 1000G achievable only by following guide videos?
  14. Question (I know that this doesn't have to do with Physical Challenge but I couldn't find a better place to post this): When I installed the pack for extra ranked maps, I noticed that I can now get more than 72 medals. So, do I only need to reach 72 (which means I can get the achievement - ex: Feline Revengewith - the new maps even if I don't complete the original ones) or do I MUST need to complete all the original maps ?
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