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  1. Just been through the Alice: Madness Returns collectibles guide. Thanks for all the work in there dude. \m/

  2. Thanks for the Alice and Dark Souls guides dude

  3. Hey thanks for the guide on the dark souls achievements, I noticed though on your weapons guide you have the "true" Greatsword of Artorias listed with stats of B/B/B/B, which had me confused for a minute because the stats are really C/C/B/B. Just thought I'd mention it to minimize someone elses confusion, thanks again.

  4. both of them ive tried and get freezing. EDIT: Finally i was able to accomplish this without having my game freeze, guess i was just unlucky.
  5. my game seems to freeze 100% of the time shortly after attempting the offline glitch.
  6. I just processed your guide and roadmap for Alice: Madness Returns and added them to the main site! Thanks for the submission and sorry for the delay - the guide team's been backed up recently.

  7. i be looking for people to do vietnam with myself. used to be a decent player, but i feel ive lost skill thanks to BF3. BFBC2 > BF3
  8. i found a multicolored diagram myself in chapter 1 while playing my first dark playthrough, the only issue being is that i cannot remember where i found the damned thing >.< http://i48.tinypic.com/2zf4n0k.jpg
  9. i had a similar issue when i reached chapter 2 myself: not being able to find hardened and studded leather that easily. I did notice that the female merchant near the one who sells the Oathbreaker Diagrams occasionally sells them, but i just ended up crafting them myself. As for the armor fragment, i was lucky enough to get a few pieces during the first section of chapter 2 (Iorveth's Path) I was even tempted to replay chapter 1 and stockpile materials needed for sets, and sell off nekker teeth and arm wrestle for orens.
  10. speaking of DLC, has anyone by chance found the Head-Taker diagram and made that sword? i found it randomly in chapter 1, but its not listed on the wikia yet.
  11. speaking of swords, has anyone managed to find the Head-Taker diagram? i found it on my first save file, but unsure where i got it from. The thing is super powerful for a chapter 1 sword.
  12. the blasphemer's gloves (Dark Mode only) in chapter 1 increase your carrying capacity by 15, but if you enter combat with only parts of the set equipped it will drain your health quite fast.
  13. according to the wikia "Troll Trouble" is a DLC quest added with the enhanced edition. *shrug*
  14. i would save them for now.. some of the better ones can be very useful. RANGE MUTATOR Increases range of Igni and (Axii i think) by 5% CRITICAL EFFECT MUTATOR +2% all critical effects ive also found a lot of other random ones as well. NOTE: Once you place a mutator it cannot be removed or changed!
  15. doing my first playthrough on Dark just because i want to have the excessive challenge (from what i hear)
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