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  1. That's disappointing. Although I didn't really like the ending to Portal 2, and that didn't stop it from being my game of 2011.
  2. There are a lot of similarities to Portal, and I think if you did like Portal you will like this, and if you didn't like Portal (all 3 of you) then you won't like this. I really like it though. I'm not far through the game but I'm enjoying the whole dimension idea, it in itself has more diversity than Portal. The aesthetic is lovely, and it feels like you're in a Pixar film or something. It's sadly not as funny as Portal, at least not so far, and the dialogue is okay at best really -- no Glados/Wheatley/Cave Johnson style laugh out loud one-liners. The game seems quite long and that's a plus. For 1200 msp this is an absolute steal, when you consider Portal 2 was a full retail release. I'd estimate this game is at least as long, but of course there's no multiplayer. Anyway, I'll reiterate my first point: your feelings on Portal will be in the same ballpark as your feelings on this. It's a high quality title that's just about different enough from Portal to justify its existence, but as you can see from the amount of times I've said "Portal" the two are very alike. I think that's a good thing though... most genres have numerous similar games, with of the FPS one being the most obvious. By comparison the puzzle genre (especially the puzzle platformer subgenre) is practically empty and so this is a fantastic and welcome title to please puzzle fans like myself.
  3. Not sure if this has been said but you don't necessarily need a crossbow for the tonal locks in the Lost to the Ages quest. Destruction magic worked fine for me (I used a firebolt), and I'm fairly sure regular bows would too.
  4. The price tag is tricky as gameplay wise there's not that much content (in proportion to the main game). I've played around 10 hours and only have to grind the werewolf perks and I'll have my 100% back. I've not done all of the non-achievement sidequests, mind. From a development point of view then I can see the price tag reasoning. When you think about how crappy map packs go (rightly or wrongly) for 1200 msp these days then the amount of work in this, through new characters, voice acting, all the new places (not just copy-pasted caves -- there's some massive landscapes like the Soul Cairn), new perk trees and a whole new way of playing... well there's a lot they've had to do. I just think with all the time it must have took Bethesda to make this, they could have put more actual gameplay into it. As a personal criticism I've not had too much actual fun, but I can't tell if that's the expansion or just Skyrim. After playing Kingdoms of Amalur, The Witcher 2 and Dragon's Dogma since finishing with this game months ago, I did start to notice that beforehand playing Skyrim I don't think I ever had too much fun. I think that's because I don't think the story in this game is up to par with The Witcher, and the combat is incredibly weak compared to Amalur and DD. At the time I didn't mind, but going back now to revisit Skyrim, well I've just kind of realised it now. P.S. I like the Vampire Lord for the most part -- it's a cool addition -- but why the hell do they give you this power and then force you a.) Into third person and b.) Into being too big to easily navigate around many of the caves the story takes place in! At parts I had to switch back to human form because I actually couldn't fit through entrances! Which in itself wouldn't be too bad, if switching back and forth wasn't so tedious.
  5. Ah, please good sir, may I have some miasmite? I'm on my second playthrough and Reynard has asked for it but I have none in my inventory. It must be rare! GT: TBS Mulder
  6. I really liked ME3 but it didn't blow me away like ME2 did.
  7. I really hope this gets a sequel or substantial dlc. I can't remember loving a game this much since Mass Effect 2.
  8. I knew I wasn't the only one who 'killed' it as that was only generation 34 I think and thousands of people have killed it, not 34! Still, I was pretty chuffed.
  9. Wow... I'm one lucky SOB. I went to finally have a crack at the UR Dragon, wanting to fight him offline, but forgot I was still plugged in to the internet. He appears, and I brace myself for a pasting (I was level 52 which is pretty low I think to fight it offline, never mind online!) only for his health bar to already look completely empty. I thought it must just be like that for everyone as I've seen people say you don't get to see his health move. Anyway I fired off about three magic arrows and wham, he drops, achievement unlocked! The kicker is that because I technically killed him online and in one try I got everything dragonforged and loads of loot! Kind of funny how the toughest enemy in the game fell the quickest for me. I say funny but I know everyone who's slogged away at him for hours will probably hate me now!
  10. Like I said, sleep for 7 days and the inkeeper will reappear. All important NPCs will do this, should they die on escort quests etc.
  11. Got the stuff now. Some amazing stuff -- I got a few capes that aren't even in my guide book! Thanks dude!
  12. I think something went wrong. I rested until morning like 5 times in a row and then checked my storage but all I got was nothing off one guy and some potent greenwraith off another. I'm assuming that wasn't you lol. Am I doing something wrong?
  13. Actual party control is the only thing I really want. Perhaps something more like Dragon Age, with all sorts of detailed customisation options and also the ability to directly control your party. I'm just fed up of mashing the d-pad and watching them either do nothing or enchant my weapon with the wrong element!
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