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  1. I unlocked Akuma but the training stars didn't appear on the map. I've confirmed where they should be and there's nothing there. I need a Shadow Akuma selfie and his two training stars and I'm done, so I'd rather not restart Capcom Heroes from scratch. Does anyone have any ideas how I could fit it? I can't retrace my steps with the unlock because I've already got all the stars. Has anyone else had this happen? I'm hoping that it's not because the game crashed at the end of Case 5 (right before I got the last star and unlocked him).
  2. Try to carry combo weapons that can deal with humans and mass hordes of zombies. I like the grenade sledge hammer (Blast From The Past) for zombies and basic assault rifles for anything that takes more than one hit. It's important to realise there are a lot of trash weapons. Part of the appeal of the original Dead Rising was pretty much anything could be picked up and used as a weapon. It means things like Cash Registers and parking cones are technically weapons but they don't help at all. Early on focus more on knocking back zombies than killing them. Eventually you get used to moving through hordes of zombies quickly enough to avoid damage. Combo weapons are the best but there are still some duds. Try them out and you'll soon learn which ones suit your playstyle. Weapons all break eventually so make sure you keep yourself stocked up. Try to keep as many medkits as possible. Sometimes it's worth eating a bunch of bananas to fill your health so you can save the good healing items for mid-battle. Odds are there are going to be things you don't bother with. Everything breaks, EXOs run out of energy and guns have limited ammo. So sometimes it's easier to not waste your time. You might find that bashing everything with an Acid Maul and shooting everything else with Raining Nails is perfect for you. Since pretty much all resources are finite the game gives you plenty of everything. There's always food around. You're never more than a minute away from a gun. Combo weapon components are usually in the same room as each other. Vehicles are great. The combo ones will take care of the 250,000 zombie kills but using regular cars is fine if you're just going from one area of town to another. Just make sure you're always prepared to get out and fight because the cars just stop when they've taken too much damage. I can't count how many times I've been halfway across a bridge full of zombies and had to abandon the car and walk the rest of the way. Most importantly your level doesn't reset if you start a new game or go back to a previous chapter. It's more important in the earlier games where there was stuff at the start of the games that was really hard if you were under level 30, but it's helpful to know that if you can't beat something optional you can come back to it later with more skill points. You need to play the game a lot to unlock everything/100% it so there's no point in stressing about getting things perfect right out the gate.
  3. I didn't even know it was a thing. That looks really cool.
  4. Dude relax. It's ok. You jumped the gun based on the thread title, implied we were lazy when you didn't fully understand what we were talking about and it was an honest mistake. It's a little embarrassing but you don't need to dig yourself in and prove you were in the right. Just take this as a reminder not to assume people are lazy or impatient right off the bat.
  5. Because multiple bugs can have the same or similar symptoms. There are dozens of reasons why an achievement won't pop but I assure you this is a new one.
  6. I've had my XBOX One since launch, I've been through the problems you described, and this is something new that directly coincides with the update. This isn't the usual hiccups that seem to come and go, this is like the achievement system has been disabled.
  7. They respawn if you're not in the area. It's a bit rough during the early portions of the game when you're not travelling between zones as much but it's not a huge problem. In the first area I think there's only one arrow quiver laying around but once you get more weapons more ammo drops appear making things easier. The only thing I can think of that might cause a problem is that resources don't drop until you have a use for them. It means the early Survival Caches (which don't respawn because they're collectables) will be full of resources you don't particularly need. You might want to consider putting them off until later in the game but even on Survival I don't think you'll be at a loss for resources if you're going for the 100% achievement. So yeah, short version is that you can min-max it but there's no need to. Everything you need (except coins) can be farmed and even then you shouldn't need to if you're going for a 100% run.
  8. One thing worth noting is that you have to play from start to scratch on the Survivor difficulty for an achievement, so for most of us this that means a second playthrough. If there are missable achievements, and with Replay Expeditions I'm not entirely sure there are, it shouldn't be as bad as the previous game where you have to redo everything for one achievement.
  9. I Reversed Dueled the campaign duel The Heart of the Cards so it was Kaiba vs Yugi instead of Yugi vs Kaiba. I got an Exodia piece (left arm I believe) from Kaiba the first time I surrendered. The second time I got a Beaver Warrior. Then Heart of the Underdog, Dark Hole, Exodia the Forbidden One, etc. I was a bit bored and tired from work today so I thought I'd sit down and grind it out to see what happens. It took me a while to get 3x of all the Exodia parts but it worked. When I was finally maxed out on all the cards Yugi had to offer it stopped giving me them. It didn't give me extra consolation duel points or anything. I made about 70,000 points and won 3x of every card Yugi had in his original deck. Now I just need the Heart of the Cards and I'll be unbeatable. =P So in theory if they had a deck made up of 40 unique cards it'd take a maximum of 120 surrenders to get three copies of every card in their deck, but since they usually have multiples of each card taking up slots in their deck and you'll no doubt have some of the cards from their deck already it should be much lower. It took me roughly 80 surrenders to win them all, but I started with none of Yugi's cards and I think he had almost 30 unique cards in his deck thanks to the Exodia parts. The good news is since I already have the bulk of his staple cards from clearing Yugi's Heart of the Cards deck it only took me about 16 surrenders to get all the new additions he made for Ultimate Great Moth (Poly, a few fusions and the materials required for them). If I keep doing that for each of his campaign duels I should build up a healthy library of core cards. It's not the most entertaining way to play, but if you see a campaign duelist using a card you really want it's an easy way to get it without relying on booster randomness. Just throw on a movie or some music.
  10. Wow. I built a nuke already, but I forgot to dispose of it and someone else beat me to it, so I had to build another for my final achievement. Good thing I started production the other day or else I'd be furious right now. Brilliant game but the way they've gone with the FOB stuff sucks.
  11. The descriptions are a little vague. Do I need to buy the DLC to get the cards in the DLC decks, or is the DLC just a shortcut that allows me to use a set of cards without having to randomly get them from opponents or boosters? They seem expensive if all they do is add some bonus campaign AI duels and unlock some decks early. The game seems like it'll be worth the price of the core game but I don't want to end up stuck buying the DLC.
  12. It's worth noting that you don't have to do the helicopter part of any of the missions. Just deploy to the area along with D Horse, select the mission from the list, then ride over to the terminal. You'll start off on the ground without doing the helicopter sequence ready to ride. It doesn't save a huge amount of time but it's a lot less annoying.
  13. You can't pause it and hit Restart? You can also restore an older version of your save file on the save file select screen by holding left bumper. You'll lose a little progress but it'll fix things. There are two backups, one that should be at the end of the last mission you did before starting the FireFly one, and one that's at the last time you beat a main story mission.
  14. Yeah. I tried restoring an older save but it was past the point where I'd taken out the helicopter.
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