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  1. Dumb question, but how do you watch the credits?
  2. Nothing wrong with a good goalie, makes each goal that much better
  3. I received a Certified Mariachi Hat that counted Shots on Goal, I unlocked "One Better" at 50 Shots.
  4. I've gone over this video 3 times now and I'm somehow missing one, even though when I count them all I have 54...so frustrated
  5. Wonder if there's an answer for every question?
  6. How did you manage to unlock the Sequence 3 achievement?

  7. EDIT: I mean regen, not regions... Title says it all, I have one last campaign win I can't seem to get. I'm sitting at lvl 50 and all my XP is going to waste, I was wondering if I can regen and still keep my progress towards the Militia Elite Pilot achievement?
  8. Haha this is the only reason I don't play on PS consoles...I find their controllers horrible
  9. Only thing I really can bitch about is that the level 100 takes way too long, and that the higher levels are way too big. I get that the higher levels should take longer, but if level 100 is 2.5 million, level 80 shouldn't be 1.25 million xp...
  10. I tried this after using the method that Turdboi posted. All you have to do is load up the Main Menu, then dashboard out and start the game again, I've been getting 12,500xp every time I start the game up. This will obviously get boring really fast and is purely grinding, but nonetheless it is faster than playing. If all you have left is to get the 2.5 Million xp needed to get level 100 than this will be much faster. Hope this helps you guys as much as it has helped me
  11. I still need Nemesaurus, even if I could branch off with just one of you guys and trade off 5 kills during regular play...message me on xbl if interested EDIT: All done, thanks
  12. Ended up getting this later on. I was dead and watching the last surviving player get on the RV and still got it. So it must've glitches on us.
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