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  1. need a co-op partner for dlc achievement please add i am el kabong
  2. need help to get the co-op chievo in bad blood dlc... please add me if anybody wants to boost i am el kabong
  3. It's rather good. Takes a few cues from the Sherlock TV series mixed with the same style as the previous games. Good fun though
  4. Need a bit of help... How do i get a live rival? This is the only achievement that is pissing me off
  5. I must be the only one where i had no glitches through my whole play through
  6. yes, yes, a thousand times yes its better than 007 legends... It reminds me of 2004's Everything or Nothing
  7. 1. Zod 2. Mr Freeze 3. Black Manta 4. Rorshach
  8. i'm very psyched for this game... the collectable statues are awesome too
  9. i agree, seriously the worst character changing system ever... go back to the lego star wars way, its old but at least it works
  10. worked first time for me... i had to do it in story mode though
  11. 26 years young and my gf's 20... we bought the first one while it was on special and really enjoyed it so we a couple of characters, then a couple more. Then the complete set of series one... and preordered every new giants characters and we've been going nuts from there
  12. TBH Disney infinity doesn't really grab me... i loved toy story 3 but i just dont like what i've seen so far
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