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  1. The Mondragon is the one I use too, with the rest still on default like you. I really enjoy it this way and seems quite a good loadout.
  2. No problem, this will probably be useful to a lot of people.
  3. I found this one as well as another one here.
  4. Something is going on with achievements in this game. I just did this: http://xboxclips.com/Shelder/f14f0d7a-e172-43b8-ab88-0943cd6e19db/embed But no unlock at the end of it. I mean, they're pretty hard to get, and don't always unlock on top of that ? Damn ! 🤔
  5. Find the game in your library, click start and go to "manage game". You'll the be able to see the episodes and start downloading them. 🖖
  6. You can unlock them one sticker at a time through character packs, or a full character in Infinity by acquiring 20'000-30'000 shards in one game.
  7. This started happening to me today. Is it specific to this game ? What about collectibles, will the achievements automaticly update after the issue is resolved ?
  8. Well, that was fast ! Thanks for this guide, Pants, awesome job as always. I'll be sure to use it.
  9. You need to get to $10 million for them to unlock ! Not just earn $10 million through play, but have a whopping $10 million spare. The masks don’t cost that much, but you need this first.
  10. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-nmFLAub2qtI/VGdybfnwgYI/AAAAAAAACFc/qE6AKfNs7iE/s1600/borderlands_timeline.png It really is up to you, and how you want to play the story. Release order and story order are both valid options !
  11. This ! Blood Money is really fun, altrought Hotwire and Heist are awesome too.
  12. You should try doing it online. Not only a breeze with two more players, but also way faster to grind.
  13. Guys, I have an update on this. My glitchy Ginyu achievement unlocked after I completed his 4 trainings again. But more interesting is that the 98% glitched "Complete All PQs" finally unlocked...when I was playing Hardline earlier today (with the original 03/16 timestamp) !
  14. What ? I literally just attempted this particular PQ for the first time a few minutes ago, and everything went absolutely smooth, with no problems whatsoever. This may sound unnecessary, but did you try restarting it after relaunching the game ?
  15. Well, I have a similar problem with not only a master (75% despite finished), but also another achievement. The one for completing all PQ's is stuck at 98%. I can confirm that I have a rating on all 55 quests, and it says "completed" next to all difficulty stars. Even the in-game tracker shows 100% (next to where you check your masters progression), but still no achievement. Damn. :/
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