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  1. Thanks for the feedback, and I just wanted to let you know that, since this thread is pretty old and there is therefore an incredibly slim chance of Asturgis actually seeing your post just from you posting here, you can actually tag members so they get a notification of your post. Use @ and then their name, such as @Asturgisand @Vamsi. Then, at least the next time Asturgis logs into the site there will be a notification of your post.
  2. Damn, that's disappointing to hear. I've heard good things about Outer Wilds and when I saw it was coming to GamePass I figured I'd finally try it out. Hopefully I'll have a better experience than you! Maybe once I write the guide you'll come back and complete it 😋
  3. Nearly done wrapping up my NG+ playthrough of Nobody Saves The World for my last achievement. Ended up being a really fun and addictive game, which is exactly what I expected from Drinkbox (makers of both Guacamelee games). Equal parts hack N Slash, RPG, and dungeon crawler, with a very addictive loop for leveling up. NG+ made the game more interesting by adding some crazy modifiers to dungeons: all damage by you and enemies x9999, and debuffs are permanent, no way to restore health, etc. Makes you get creative with your builds and makes each dungeon more intense. Really enjoyed this game, and I should have the guide done on Monday most likely. And it's on GamePass, so if you want some crazy fun for 15-30 hours, I definitely recommend.
  4. So many diner sessions in the middle of the night after a night of drinking, with Meatloaf playing from the jukebox the whole time.
  5. Not at all? I thought it was just going somewhere else first, and coming to Disney+ just much later. Crap. Now I need to find a way to see it.
  6. Just glancing through the guide, it looks like Scotty made a correction in his EDIT 3 below and I don't see that added to the guide Meta wrote. Check out Scotty's EDIT 3 below and make sure you're doing that to avoid the final fight.
  7. Probably the upper end of the bottom half for me. I enjoyed this more than Iron Man 3, first Captain America movie, first Thor movie, Black Widow, Falcon and Winter Soldier, Wandavision, and Hawkeye, and that's just off the top of my head. Still need to see Spider Man. I wonder if it'll come to Disney+ before the new Doctor Strange movie.
  8. Oh my God, if I could play Mario, Zelda, Pokémon, Smash Bros, Metroid, etc., on my Xbox? :shivers:
  9. Absolutely insane. GamePass is just going to keep getting better and better!
  10. Couldn't find much info on this game or its achievements, but our sister site PSTrophies has a guide up. They mention braking, which I see the OP struggled with. See if it helps at all. https://www.playstationtrophies.org/game/winter-stars/guide/
  11. I thought it was pretty decent too. Not sure why it got so much hate and bad reviews. I actually didn't feel like it dragged on, but that could be because I watched it over three sessions.
  12. Nice work! I feel like the pandemic is responsible for a huge boost in gamerscore to a lot of people. Myself included!
  13. Hey, welcome to the site! There is no action needed (or possible) on your part to rescan your tag. It's an automated process, and right now, there isn't a button or any other way for you to force our system to scan you. As a regular member (meaning not a subscriber or staff), you get automatically scanned every 24 hours, so that's how often your achievements will resync. Now that being said, I see your profile hasn't been scanned in three weeks, and I also see you have a space in your gamertag. Unfortunately, gamertags with spaces in them have been an ongoing issue since we launched achievement tracking a few months ago. Rx (our programmer) is in the process of reworking the system to fix this issue. Many others with a space in their gamertags are having the same problem (scanning just stopping randomly). I'll follow up with him and see how far along he is. In the meantime, for what it's worth, I reset your tag in our system to force a resync, so within the next hour your profile will be updated. However, until this issue gets fixed, it's only a matter of time until it stops again. So all we can ask is that you be patient until this issue gets resolved.
  14. Ah sorry, saw the talk of Hitman trilogy coming to GamePass and thought you meant that. No, there's no difference. Only how much money you give. They all provide the exact same perks.
  15. For GamePass? It's probably way simpler to do it on your console rather than link it here, but if you go to xbox.com it's literally the first of the six options on the main page. https://www.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-game-pass You can either subscribe for Ultimate (which I recommend), or choose the See All Plans option to pick something else.
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