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  1. Since GSL, the only new game I've played so far is The Pedestrian. I saw it could be a relatively quick completion for GSL, but as soon as I started watching gameplay I immediately called that off and decided to play it blind for fun, since it looked like a really cool puzzle game. I was not disappointed. Minor platforming challenges, but primarily puzzles where you need to figure out how to connect all parts of the level so that you can get to each section and progress. The end had some really cool meta puzzles that were fun to solve. My only gripe was that it was a bit short. I would've loved to see more puzzle with the meta format at the end. But at least it's on GamePass, so even though it took me three or so hours to complete without a guide, it was a lot of fun. Definitely recommend to any puzzle fans. Aside from that, I've just been mopping up completions from this year's GSL and last year's. The only games I didn't complete this year were Cruz Brothers, Drawngeon, and Smart Moves on Windows 10. Cruz Brothers was mindless button mashing for 5 hours. Drawngeon has hardly any ingame tutorial or information available anywhere, but once you figure out how to play it took like 5 hours for the base game completion. I took my time with Smart Moves, solving the puzzles myself and writing up all solutions. Text solutions were highly requested, and I've completed those with the help of bLaKgRaVy and Read play testing. Guide should be published soon. From last year's GSL, I still had Castle of No Escape and Castle of No Escape 2, as well as Pixel Gladiator. The first Castle of No Escape just took a few hours to get a lucky run for certain achievements, since that game is almost 100% luck based. Castle of No Escape 2, on the other hand, involved a good amount of skill and time. So much information on TA and Youtube is wildly outdated, so I wrote up a new guide for the base game with up to date information on how to get everything. Not an easy completion at all anymore! That guide is also submitted and should be published soon. Probably going to take a break from mop up to play a "normal" game or two before going back to try to finish up Pixel Gladiator. Rogue Legacy and Cuphead are nearing the top of my list.
  2. @ImStylinOnYaBroCruz Brothers guide is published. Shouldn't take you more than 4 hours to wrap up the base game.
  3. I reset you. Give it a bit and you should see your stats caught up. Unfortunately, you're the victim of a bug we've had where people with a space in their gamertag randomly stop tracking. Our programmer has been working on a fix for this. Hopefully we'll see it roll out sometime soon.
  4. Definitely not competing in GSL next year. Also, preloading hasn't really been a thing since Hamster and Ratalaika hit the scene. The only preloading I do now is watching video guides in advance.
  5. Oh so you already completed both stacks? Damn, I was hoping you could test out my solutions (even though I already ran through them all at least twice). Anyone else not yet complete either stack of Smart Moves and willing to try out my level solutions, as I write them up?
  6. Hey, it's a pretty decent puzzle game. Just for that comment, you don't get access to my level solutions!
  7. Hey how about you try writing a full game walkthrough based on multiple partial resources, just for the good of the community! And like bLaKgRaVy said, I'm pretty sure something changed, because the Windows version worked fine. Just for that comment, I going to purposely post a Smart Moves guide with a couple wrong solutions here and there just to fuck with you.
  8. I wanna say around 10 or so games I played and completed during GSL are still showing 0g on the Xbox app. They show completed on TA though. Not sure how that's possible. Cruz Brothers is a piece of cake. I have the guide 95% done. I'll be submitting it tomorrow. Drawngeon is next on my list to mop up, but I have yet to look into what's required for the base game.
  9. I did Drawngeon during GSL, yeah. Knocked out that quick 3k during my D games. That's one of the three games I intentionally didn't complete during GSL (Smart Moves Win 10 and Cruz Brothers being the other two). I think last year's GSL were the first Xitilon games I'd ever done. At that time there were only a handful of games with title updates. I remember, just like this GSL, more were released during and near the end of the tournament, but we were in the lead so I didn't need to use them and instead saved them.
  10. Insane that I played 5 more games than you (and completed them all except 3 that I intentionally didn't try to complete) yet you still scored 40k more than me. Fucking title updates. Although I could've put up another 10k in those last title updates that released, but there was no point. Honestly it didn't feel like a long post at all. I read through it all and it flew by. Thanks for the shoutout! I'll gladly accept my title as king of GSL haha. I think I actually agreed with everything on both of your top 10 lists. Well, except Happi Basudei. I'm not saying it's not a bad game, but it was so short and simple that it didn't last long enough to stand out for me. Although, it was the only game where I actually had to watch a video just to figure out how to beat the first level. I spent 10 minutes "beating" the first level by collecting every coin, planning my route perfectly to kill every enemy with the two invincibilities, etc. Eventually I gave up and watched a video to see what I was doing wrong. Incredibly dumb design.
  11. I'm curious how many games @ImStylinOnYaBroplayed. I played 284 to get to 350k, but one was the DLC for Wonderlands, which was only 20g, and two were getting the extra 250g in Surviving Mars.
  12. Maybe/probably. Just wanted to troll, knowing there aren't any negative post reactions available.
  13. At least that one is short and easy. Shouldn't take more than an hour. I'm playing through Smart Moves on Windows for fun to mop it up, and writing out all the level solutions as I go. Hoping to have the text guides for both stacks done in a couple weeks.
  14. Just saw the awards handed out. Awesome job @Puppysand whoever else helped with customizing them all! They look great!
  15. Yet you still spent all of GSL playing trash too 😋
  16. Only Zero Strain was your "fault" because I remembered you talking about it last year so I had high hopes. I already had bought and installed Beat Souls before you mentioned it (I went through the whole eastasiasoft catalogue) so don't blame yourself for that one!
  17. Man, this was such a ridiculous GSL. To think just a year ago that breaking 200k was insane, and now six people did it. Sucks that sickness got in the way, but honestly I don't know how much more I could've scored than what I did. Considering I started with over a million GS, I'm extremely happy with my score. It's approximately 100k more than I was originally planning/expecting to score for GSL, and I naively thought that would be enough. If you told me before this started that 350k wouldn't even be enough for MVP, I definitely wouldn't have believed you. To think that only like 3 years ago, Dirty won overall MVP with a score of like 76k. How times have changed. People are doing that in a single day now. Congrats to the winners. Despite having so many games available, it still takes a shitload of dedication and will power and resolve to play that many games nonstop for a month. And money. Lots of money. Huge congrats to everyone that cleared 100k and especially 200k. Massive milestones, and very exclusive GSL clubs to be in! Since Stylin has extremely questionable taste in games, here are my top and bottom 5 games: Top 5 The Procession to Calvary - an absolute gem of a point and click adventure game. Amazing animation, hilarious dialogue, etc. Checks all the boxes. The Prince of Landis - very mature dialogue, with some stuff I didn't even know you were allowed to say in videogames, and it gave me a Stranger Things vibe Loopindex - cool puzzle game that I wasn't expecting, and ended up solving every level legit, without a guide Blitzbreaker - a fun combination of puzzle and twitch platformer, with fast paced gameplay needing quick reflexes. I had a blast playing through this one Inbento - a great puzzle game. Starts off very simple and gets pretty difficult by the end, but that's thanks to added complexity, which is the proper way to scale up the difficulty in a puzzle game, not just by adding a shitload of required moves (looking at you, Sig.null and Escape Sequence) Bottom 5 Wizodd - a pretty poor imitation of Binding of Isaac, plagued by routine freezing, crashing, and console (?) error messages that I've literally never seen before, and this is par for the course for everyone, not just me. I'm pretty sure no one has seen the end credits of this game, because it always freezes immediately after killing the final boss. Getting all of the achievements is purely luck based, hoping none of the freezing or errors happens on a successful run. Took me close to 5 hours to finish this supposed 1-2 hour game The Enigma Machine - thankfully you can skip all but one level with passwords, because this game is almost unplayable thanks to insanely bad graphics and bugs/glitches. I pray no one else suffers through this abomination of a game From Heaven To Earth - first person platformers are bad by default since you can't really see what you're doing, but the horizontal speed you travel makes the precision jumping in this game an absolute nightmare. This was the most rage inducing game I played during all of GSL Escape Sequence - any puzzle game requiring tons of inputs should be required to have an undo button. I just picked this game but there are many that fall under this category of having to do a really long level all over again because of one mistake or delayed input Death Park - a survival horror game with instant kills and parts where you can barely see anything, you say? This type of game is a plague on gaming in general. I think the walkthrough video was 30 minutes long but it took me easily 90 minutes because the devs decided to make one basement area completely dark instead of lit up like in the video guide. Miserable experience from start to finish Biggest Disappointments Zero Strain - I heard good things about this shmup, but playing it was not an enjoyable experience. This would have been 100x better if it was a twin stick shooter. Instead, you rely on an awkward targeting mechanic where you have to get close enough to an enemy first, making it such a pain to play through the levels Beat Souls - I was really looking forward to a rhythm game as a nice break, but there was literally nothing about this game that would put it in the rhythm genre. It was more an endless runner than anything else, and 80 of the 90 minutes for the completion was grinding Looking forward to seeing and posting ridiculous stats from this event once they're available. Edit: one very minor gripe - technically, Let's Dance didn't have the lead the entire time. We had the lead day 1, Friday night, before Puppys started scoring. Only briefly, but we had that sweet taste of first place for maybe an hour or two! 😔 Edit 2: forgot to ask if anyone else braved Obsurity and/or Shiro? Not your average Xitilon games, so I'm guessing most shied away. I completed both stacks of both, so I'm pretty proud of that.
  18. Ha, yeah that 150k ace up my sleeve after scoring 350k.
  19. It's been over since early week 3, if you hadn't noticed. You are 100% correct. You can get a flawless on them one round and then the next round, spamming the same move, they get a flawless on you. It's extremely unpredictable. You really just need to be patient and wait for the strategy to work.
  20. Nope, you're still private. Same as above, it tells me you haven't unlocked any achievements yet.
  21. Do you recall which ones had those issues? I've played almost every single AM game released and have yet to encounter any issues in one.
  22. If/when they ever release a MW2 Remastered MP!
  23. World at War and MW were my two favorite campaigns. They both had me so hooked the entire time. No contest for favorite multiplayer. MW2 by a landslide.
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