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  1. In no order: Disturbed Korn Pantera Avenged Sevenfold Mudvayne Godsmack AC/DC Five Finger Death Punch Red Hot Chili Peppers Shinedown Skillet Three Days Grace (Before Adam departed) Ozzy Osbourne / Black Sabbath Theres more of course, but more or less these are the bands I usually find myself listening to.
  2. So I just completed Episode 2, and looked at the achievements but for some odd reason I didn't get 'Complete Chapter 3 of Episode 2' (Unfamiliar Faces) This happen to anyone else?
  3. Okay so it's not like Playstation Plus? Where as if I put my profile that has Plus on my brother's PS3/PS4, he wouldn't be able to play online without Plus on his account?
  4. Was wondering if I could share my GOLD on Xbox 360 with my brother / friends on my console? I barely touch my consoles and I have LIVE for another 8 months. Also, if it is possible, does it matter what console my account is on? Can I download my account onto a friends / family members Xbox in another state and still share GOLD?
  5. So is this game still broken? I want to actually pick it up but tbh, I don't want to waste my money.
  6. A friend and I are thinking about picking this up but we are wondering if it's still 'broken'.
  7. Metallica's 'Ride the Lightning' album For Whom The Bell Tolls Fade To Black
  8. Giants will have a better record than the Dodgers Mets 2nd wild-card. Other stuff, not to sure.
  9. New York fan for every sport so it's easy to understand why. MLB - Red Sox, Phillies and the Dodgers NFL - Cowboys because of the self-proclaimed ''America's team'' , Steelers NBA - Heat, Lakers NHL - Bruins
  10. Used to love South Park, but I lost track of it and haven't watched it much in a very long time. Family Guy is my #1.. I never get tired of it, even with some sub-par episodes.
  11. Catching up on '24' before it comes back and also got into 'Orange is the new Black' on Netflix. Enjoy both of them.
  12. It really all depends on the game. If I need to 'sound-whore' I won't listen to music.
  13. Listening to a lot of 'Saliva' Going to see them in concert soon in New York.
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