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  1. Thanks alot! I tried a few times yesterday after i posted this, and at one point i was Lucky to kinda land on the wooden railing down at the inn. It took away almost all my life. Judging from your post this seem to happen to some ppl when ending this quest. Hope they somehow fix that in he next update.
  2. After completing the quest Thru Time And Space and finally returning to Novigrad and inside the elves room, and after the cutscene, i can,t leave the room as the freaking only door to do so is locked! There is no other way at there is a huge balcony but you can,t jump down or its an instant death. Seems to me its a bug or glitch that now prevents me from continue the story Not sure if other players encounter this or not? I tried reloading from an early checkpoint and a manual save but to the same effect, the door is said locked i searched the whole room but no key, fact is the door should be open but somehow the game has been glitched here and it is locked the door for some reason. Hope i mabye get some answers or a solution from you guys Thnx.
  3. thnx for the heads up i was wondering the same thing as it happened to me aswell during Kiera Metz her quest.
  4. Might be, they fixed the money exploit in Novigrad where you could my sea shells from him and having them dismantled by the armor blacksmith on the same Marketplace and get Pearls and black Pearls and selling them off, great way to ger money quik, thet patched that. Hope the XP exploit still works tho.
  5. Hi there had the same thing happen to me when i did the quest for the witch and her magic lamp, i playing on death march and tought this is easy defeating that golem and after the wild hunt guy, then i checked and difficulty changed to the easiest I put it back up to death march but prob being screwed when i finish the game and not get the death march achievement.. that would suck! But to answer your question, i,m halfway now and no idea we still getting our hardest difficulty achievement or not.
  6. No problem your welcome Hope the new TV fix the problem. I just got a simple Sharp HD TV from 2008 it can run at 1080P without problems and had almost zero texture pop-ups.
  7. I know it might be annoying to have those textures pop up when you get close to objects or when in the background the console still loading textures ect, but so far i seen this happen on both next gen consoles aswell at times on a lower end PC. Lets face it with games like the witcher 3 with its huge open world and not to mention all the detail i think its already a miracle its running this smooth even if we talking next gen. But well back to what you wrote, i do sometimes notice these texture pop-ups but they not really bother me that much as usually in alot of games i played they often take place when i,m walking or running around looking for stuff. So for me they not a huge deal as for you, def not would give up gaming because of it. We Always had texture pop-ups, remember the first PS one or the first Xbox? Sometimes those texture pop-ups where terrible but still. I think gamestudios and def the developers Always trying to push the boundaries what they can put at one time into the gameworld like NPC,s and more. So they try to make the games as awesome as they can, this said they also trying to keep a steady frame-rate at the same times and well trying to make it all run in 1080P. When you imagine the kinda workload the consoles have to perform to put everything on screen, it still find it amazing how less pop-ups we getting. Def consider the fact we don,t have the high end graphics cards and prossesing power a high end PC got.
  8. I,m on level 9 now well getting colse to lv10, also playing onm death march. From what i know is that you can craft bigger or should i call them better mutagens. And usually i found that only some monsters drop mutagens when you kill them. I not sure if there is a way to craft different mutagens, the only thing i could craft so far was a bigger green mutagen.
  9. Thanks for the headsup Just a few more hours to ge before i finally can go and pick up my CE from the store. Those last hours a murder lol
  10. As you can set the difficulty in this game nobody, even those not familiar with RPG games or the witcher serie find a good difficulty setting to enjoy the game To those intrested, seems Germany had some early release from some stores like Mediamarkt and already started broadcasting on Twitch sinds last Sunday, so there you can have some idea how it all looks and plays like
  11. From what i hear from ppl who already have their game and broadcasting it live at Twitch it seems there is the parry one thats from what i got is linked to LT or so, and "B" seems the dodge button. Seems all to work fine once you seem to get the hang of it. Considering there where ppl playing for those The Witcher 3 is their first Witcher game ever and they did def fine after a few mins into the game getting used to the fighting system.
  12. Once you able to buy the collectable finder from the bonus section in the game menu, you should have no problem finding the last, the best is if you having trouble to find them on the map is to use the zoom in function. I had no trouble finding all of the audio tomes and comments ect.
  13. The best way to get this done is to start chaos somewhere in the city, by shooting stuff i found and then just switch between the 7 deadly weapons, my progress was stuck around 90%. The main trouble is that there isn,t a real indicator how many kills you got with those 7 deadly weapons so its mostly just by plain playing and killing and using the 7 different weapons. My solution as i said was switching weapons every now and then and inbetween keep tracking your progress in the achievements list. Hope this helps
  14. I can confirm that even if people drop out on the enemy team during a match and you be able to kill the gamers who still in the game during evac, you will get the achievement. I kinda wasn,t even focus or hoping i ever would get it, but last weekend when Xbox Live had gaming & social issues i start playing a campaign match and we started off with 3 versus 3, by the time the evac started the guys on the enemy where down to two gamers and one either left or been kicked out, and i was lucky enough to kill the first guy when he got on the roof and the last guy was still in his titan, but his titan was doomed and he ejected kinda almost landed right next to me not noticed me at all i turned around and killed him. The achievement popped up right away. Its def alot luck based really, Its so hard if its 6 versus 6 as Always at least one guy get killed by a teamate. But its possible to get it legit tho.
  15. Its not the first time a collectors edition didn,t come with the game Forza had a collectors edition awhile ago with a windbreaker jacket and cap, but no game included. I think they hardly sell this Panzerhund edition, but then again there Always people with enough money that do buy it. Mabye for some the reason may be its limited to 5000 only. If they had done a statue with B.J. Fighting off a nazi mech with one or two nazi soldiers beside it, somewhat like that rather cool Titanfall limited edition, well then i actualy had spend the money. But def not now.
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