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  1. Thanks for the heads up guys. I'll give it a go. This game has been sitting on my backlog for way too long... Will play it on normal first to just enjoy the experience. Then go by the guide for the nightmare run. I don't mind playing a great game twice. Even if it will take some time.
  2. Thank you for your great guide. It makes me want to start this game, finally. I really enjoyed the first two DA games. However, that 8/10 difficulty rating kinda holds me back. Is it really that hard?
  3. Thanks for the guide. Is this game really that easy? (2/10)
  4. Thanks for your guide. I'm still struggling if I should get this game or not. It looked very intriguing but the games reviews aren't really good.
  5. Same here. Still undecided to start this or not...
  6. Did you complete your XB1 version before servers for 360 and XB1 got separated? That might explain that. But any progress made on XB1 AFTER that separation will not carry over.
  7. This game is so buggy on Android with achievements. Unlocked "World Champ" and "Addict" on Windows like 50 games ago and still NO unlock on Android.
  8. Same problem here. The Homestead tape is on the table. Again. All I can do is play the Homestead stage. Again. What a crappy game. I already did this.
  9. Anyone managed to use the glitch with the Digital Version? It seems the TU is already integrated.
  10. In the video @17:25 that guy jumps up the high wall directly ahead pretty easily? How does he do that? If I hold (RB) I just bounce off the wall but can't climb up...
  11. Okay. Thanks. That message is kind of misleading I think. So I have to do this game twice. Great...
  12. Sorry but I have to ask, are you really sure about that? Upon start of Destiny on X1 I get this message: My English may not be good enough, but to me this sounds like I have the one time opportunity to migrate my 360 stats to Xbox 1, or not? Well I don't know if I may get the very same message on 360. My copy is still shipping.
  13. Sorry to bring that up again, but I could really use some advice. I played Destiny on 360 upon release for a few days with a rental copy. Never played it again on 360 ever since. In September 2015 I bought Destiny for Xbox one. The game instantly unlocked everything I did so far on 360. Played Destiny for like 3 weeks then lost interest and never touched it again until today. Upon starting Destiny on x1 today I got this screen that progress is no longer shared across platforms blablabla which I had to acknowledge and accept to continue. I did not press anything to accept but closed the game right away. I have bought Destiny for both platforms again to mop up everything. If I have not accepted this transfer yet would I be able to 1250G the 360 version and THEN import this progress one time only to x1 to get 1250G there too? If so I will NOT touch x1 until I finished everything on 360. I really don't want to do this stuff twice if possible. Will this work or not?
  14. It seems this bug never was patched. I just ran into the same problem. And furthermore the game is not saving any progress to the concept arts for the final achievement. Great.
  15. 1960GS total? Really? For crying out loud, another game with a shitty total Gamerscore.
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