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  1. They're set up as you'd expect, place door don, hit it from either side with the Right Trigger and it just starts destroying the door, no opening, i've places it in open spaces, ithin the confines of blocks, everything and they wont open, even on new worlds.... its just goddam annoying, proper glitch The buttons are all paces next to doors or on redstone circuits here they all should be and used to work but now they don't, again i just destroy them when i hold the right trigger Pretty sure its a glitch with my game save file or something and i'll have to cear the cache and all the data but that means losing all my worlds and ive spent hundreds of hours on them :/
  2. Buttons both wood and stone dont work for me to open doors or start my rails anymore on my worlds, Neither do wooden doors. Pressure plates and switches work but neither buttons o dors work! Has anyone got a fix or an idea of whats going on? I Googled the hell outta this and nobody else has really had this problem on the 360, My world has been loaded in creative if that helps at alll... Cheers havent played the game in a while and its annoying as i'm having to install pressure plates everywhere for my doors and loads of my redstone circuits need buttons to work and buttons just arent working, a lil annoying :/
  3. Just watched the pilot The female lead is so shit and pathetic, meant to be a strong female charachter, she comes across like just some pissy cow with daddy issues, I may just be spoiled by Joss Whedons excellent female leads but shes meant to be the main charachter and i just cant stand her, the other main female character is just there as well, her sole purpose seems to be to give the writers someone for the main chick to shout at I do like the whole mystery around why the power went out and stuff, but the end of the episode was just stupid, meant to be this tense clifhanger moment but really its was just poor, it was so serious but meant nothing, hopefully it will develop better over time I do like the bearded dude and the sword guy, seem interesting, male character writing seems good Also in the fight scene i found myself shouting at the computer because some dude gets shot with a crossbow and going flying back about 10 meters through the air, fucking retarded Overall its worth a watch, but really its for the interesting concept, it needs better writing and im hoping with all my heart that they dont do a 13 episode season of her winging over dad daddy she was too pissy too listen too cos shes a cow
  4. gears soley because its third person with first person shooters, if your good with one your good with them all, im better at CoD, but i do really well when i play halo and battlefield. with gears im ok but allot worse suppose its preference, skill is mattering less and less now anyway with team play being centered in battlefield and score streaks in cod, just play, enjoy and you'll kill even people with 10:1 k/d ratios
  5. meh, wont be as good as the movies, it'll focus on secret agents with superhero cameos, so it wont be the awesome superhero thing everyones talking about, like the idea joss whedon will write and direct alot of it Suppose it will be awesome news for comic fans, but for fans of the movies (who its going to be made for) its going to be a dissapointment unless they get a load of superheroes that havenet had films made and intergrate them into shield tactical teams i suppose too early in development to be excited or even think tbh, everything is just pointless speculation that will end in either excitement or dissapointment the cynic in me tells me too wait and see haha
  6. Revolution Revolution takes place in a post-apocalyptic future. Fifteen years earlier, an unknown phenomenon permanently disabled all advanced technology on the planet, ranging from computers and electronics to car engines, jet engines, and batteries. People were forced to adapt to a world without technology, and due to the collapse of public order, many areas are ruled by warlords and militias. The series focuses on the Matheson family, who possess an item that is the key to not only finding out what happened fifteen years ago, but also a possible way to reverse its effects. However, they must elude various enemy groups who want to possess that power for themselves http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revolution_%28TV_series%29 Directed by Jon Favereu (Iron man) and produced by J.J Abrams (Lost & Star Trek)
  7. just finished season1 on netflix, rather poor if you ask me, the sci-fi shows on now on syfy arent that good if you ask me miss the days when it was all space sci-fi, stargate, farscape, star trek, andromeda, annoys me tbh want a new space-sepic sci-fi series i enjoyed eureka but it got worse as it went on, warehouse 13 is the best of the bunch but not a fan of season 3 so far and alphas feels rather dry to me, prfer talky-techy sci-fi not humanistic superpowers, keep that for the x-men movies tbh
  8. England still has many shows like it Geordie shore - this needs to end, im a geordie, 19 and go up town nearly every week, NEVER have i seen a slut drop or anything as bad as this, worst it gets is a fight, throwing up and strip clubs haha The only way is essex made in chelsea The valleys when they all end, i will have faith in humanity
  9. im half way through level 9 with the game over, im replaying missions with the lowest trainges and even replayed the last 2 missions and got a miniscule amount of xp ecah time, very small How am i supposed to level up triad xp ? ama i doing it wrong, cba to play through 15-20 more missions just to get to level 10, seems overkill
  10. must suck drinking age being 21 in America, you have strict alcohol control too. England's better, poor alcohol control and 18 to drink, drinking in pubs since i was 16 haha. Whats great if you wanna get drunk is Jagerbomb - Jagermeister & redbull Vodka red bull Aftershock Southern comfort is great straight or to pour into your pint Jack Daniels & coke is nice or straight is good too Sambuka is strong and goes down very easy get the jugs that places do like skittles or blue taboo bottles of strong beer and cider also get the job done, don't know any American brands But seriously dude, going out to get drunk isn't the best, go out to have fun, drink what tastes nice to you and try a few shots with friends and you'll get drunk fast enough and have a great time
  11. If Microsoft were to announce their new console's release as Holiday 2013, would you buy it right away? No, im happy with this xbox, id just buy the new games coming out for the 360 for a year or two so the new xbox would drop in price, then when i get the new xbox theres a good cheaper backlog of exclusive games and the console is cheaper. pointless buying straight away if your satisfied with 360, there wont be many exclusive games to it, most with come out across all platforms because millions of people will still be playing 360o even a year after launch of new xbox Is there anything you'd want changed related to achievements? I want to be able to click on an achievement and click another button that takes me to this website on the intenet and a guide to that specific achievement it is possible with IE coming to xbox in the fall, would mean i wouldnt have to have laptop with guide on when im in achievement hunting mode What are some ideal launch titles? NEW IP's sick of generic shooter 4 or generic rpg rdemption, still though would like devs to not focus on improving games graphically too much, already sick of 6 hour campaigns but nice looking games, i want a 15 hour game with alright graphics i just hope dev's dont market there games as amazingly beautiful and skip out on gameplay, i can imagine allot of shooters in the near future with top of the line raphics but stale multiplayer and a 6 hour campaign, thats just annoying Anything else you'd like to say? same controller, same achievements, option to change dashboard back to silverlight and somekind of ad blocker
  12. I got My firm choice for Geography, of too Aberystwyth ! Hope everyone else does well Undecided whether or not i'm taking my xbox as well, dont want to be too unsociable haha
  13. cheers made a house using dirt and water buckets, rather simple
  14. good for you how about explaining how you completed such a task instead of self-congratulating ?
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