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  1. I don't think I can since I'm using Holiday Pack DLC items. Otherwise it should be possible.
  2. Thanks for the advise. I'm already doing it that way having the key of prosperity on Prompto. So far I only got 12 normal magitek suits using the reload method.
  3. Since the update this exploit doesn't work anymore. Wanted to use it farming MA X Angelus.
  4. I do agree with Menion Leah, though I wanna add that getting all the collectibles took me more around 8-10 hours. Anyway an easy and quick completion if you use console commands.
  5. I do agree with Menion Leah, though I wanna add that getting all the collectibles took me more around 8-10 hours. Anyway an easy and quick completion if you use console commands.
  6. I played every Final Fantasy since 7, at least the major ones and enjoyed every one of them. I would gladly put this one on my tag as well. Being from Germany as far as I know we couldn't get this installment from any retailer as a preorder bonus. You guys could makes me very happy
  7. I voted 26-35 hours. Main game took me around 8-10 hours getting all the no damage and no god powers achievements. Valhalla mode was where I spent around 20+ hours.
  8. I voted 9. The Base game is very much managable difficulty wise but Valhalla Mode brings it that high. The bosses in this mode get much harder and beating them without god powers and without taking damage can become very frustrating.
  9. Things are fine! How about you? Becoming a dad earlier than expected made things pretty hectic. Not looking forward to the coop ones either, especially as the Endurance mode is no fun at all. Looking forward to playing the SP content, though
  10. Update is out and achievements have just been added. They're the same as the PS4 version's.
  11. Unfortunately the teams in competetive are much better organized as well, mostly. Playing only with randoms I got steamrolled more often than before. The longer matches are better nontheless anyway since you end up with higher xp.
  12. Just finished my 10th playthrough with the wife painting again. By the beginning of chapter 6 I could see the baby's head slightly. At the end of the chapter before interacting with the painting I could make out the baby's head more clearly but then it turnerd into the laughing wife. The one thing I did diffrently than before was picking up a kids drawing in the child's room lying on the floor which I always missed in my previous runs. How many kid drawings are there? I know of one in the drawer in the room itself, one in the small cabinet that you can open after leaving the room the drawing of the horse and one in chapter 5 I guess that is lying on the small room with the tiny piano where the puppet is scribbeling crazily.
  13. For me frame rate issues only occur in certain situation like the checkers room in chapter 6 when stuff is flying around. Do you have problems all the time?
  14. Will give it a try. Did you go up with the elevator in chapter 5 where she climbs on top of the elevator and makes you drop down?
  15. Started a new game everytime. Just finished my 8th playthrough with the same outcome, only the wife painting. I died every way possible, if it was through my wife. Even the one death in chapter 5 where she sabotages the elevator you're still in if you rode up. I ran from her in the yellow corridor. Out of ideas here...
  16. I tried everything you two guys (hunter ane lemons) mentioned. I always get the sam outcome, only the wife. 7 playthroughs so far on to my 8th. Getting pissed with this game.
  17. Where do you find the combination for the last safe in the checkers room? I opened it during my third playthrough by randomly turning I think 30 right and 10 left and it opend. Is it always like that or was I just lucky?
  18. What do you suppose as the third ending? SPOILERS I got the ending with a portrait of your wife decaying (I died a couple of times during this run by running in my "wife" whenever possible and the one with a portrait of myself (didn't die at all) What if you finish the game with all collectibles?
  19. I liked it very much. Already played through the EA version and here lies the problem. The jump-scares they throw at you get overused and don't work anymore, at least for me. The atmosphere though is very good and creepy. The soundtrack is amazing and used very well. I have to recommend this game even if only your first playthrough will be the best.
  20. I got "completed a painting" before the credits but no other ending achievement. Looked everywhere as well but I'm missing a lot of the collectibles as well.
  21. Same thing happened to me. I was on my way to Bilal to meet him for the first time and went for a break. What I did was join someone's game and when I loaded back up singleplayer it spawned me back at Jasir's place. Hope this fixes it for you as well.
  22. It is very painful. I did the same. TR was much more enjoyable. I only touched the Iceberg Lounge in Batman so far and gave up after 4 hours trying for 1 million points. I'll have to calm my nerves before trying again.
  23. I had the same problem couldn't even find one deer after 30 minutes. I fast travelled to the Siberian Wilderness (area with first campfire in the game) and shot to deer there. They counted as well. When I fast travelled back to Soviet Installation Nadia was giving me the next coordinates.
  24. Thanks for the information. I just found out that the kills during score attack count as well. You only need to equip the wraith outfit and dreamsttinger card. Farming the boss battle score attack level now. Edit: I can confirm that every "kill" and "confuse" achievement can be earned in score attack. Just use the cards that give you the Wraith outfit and the Dreamstinger plus unlimited poison arrows and load up the witch's cave level To confuse 3 enemies with one shot take your chance on the first 3 enemies when the boss battle starts. You have one with a sword and two archers. I used two melee attacks on both archers to get them into the execution state and pushed them towards each other then I waited for the swordsman to get close and shot an arrow to the ground. Achievement popped.
  25. Where did you farm the 50 kills and do you happen to know a good location to stun 3 enemies with one shot of the Dreamstringer?
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