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  1. The achievement is just bugged / glitched. And it is the only one left for my completion... I guess we will have to wait for an update.
  2. I am online now and for a lot of hours. Looking to do Medic ,I will help with other achievements if needed. I also have 2 controllers. GT: HellspawnRei EDIT: DONE
  3. I'm also looking for a boosting mate, for the wins. Please send a message if interested. GT: HellspawnRei DONE
  4. Please update Killer Instinct with the Aria/Shadow Lab DLC achievements. Thanks.
  5. I did tweet them . And the answer is this. "Just link them our latest post on our website. It could help :)" This is the link http://www.stcware.com/news/reviews-round-and-some-thoughts
  6. Independent video games (commonly referred to as indie games) are video games created by individuals or small teams generally without video game publisher financial support. -Copy pasted that. Child Of Light/Valiant Hearts had Ubisoft, Strider had Capcom, Ori had Microsoft Studios. Not all indie devs have the luxury of lots of money. Either way, you have your opinions on some things, I 'm not here to change that, but even the title on this thread is too cruel ''Think twice before buying this '', that's not an expression of an opinion. But I really wonder if you have the same passion on triple A games too. I love indie games, all have flaws, and when I see something , a question comes up in my mind. " Would I have done it better with their resources? " . Also you can give your feedback on the devs Storm In a Teacup, since you care that much about indies. They would appreciate it. Twitter account @stcware I can tweet them this thread and they could tell us everything.
  7. Ori started as an indie game but ''grabbed'' by Microsoft Studios. Microsoft Studios helped a lot to make this game and also published it. So it's not an indie game. Even the creator and Microsoft Studios stated that on their streams.
  8. For the ones saying that graphics and frame rate are not good, remember, it's an indie game, not all indie devs have the money or even experience to make a perfect game, well not even triple A games are in our days... Nero's devs said that they were inspired by Myst/Riven games lookalike. Guess what genre are these games...Adventure games, you are supposed to walk a lot in order to find a solution to a puzzle(even a whole island),so the term walking simulation is really silly. It seems that, the way adventures games were, is forgotten to some. I will agree that is an expensive game, but for it's genre it's a good game. And by the way Child of Light and Ori are not indie games, so no comparison there.
  9. I'm looking for a partner for mostly character matchups ( 6 wins on different characters). Will gladly help with any other achievement. Timezone - Europe GT - HellspawnRei Edit: Still looking for a partner...
  10. Looking to boost Matchups/Friendly achievements. I will help with any other achievement too. Send a message if interested. Region : Europe (Not sure if there is still a region lock). Gamertag : HellspawnRei Thanks
  11. Hey bplayak,I kinda understand why you removed my XBA Promoter award, but why was the Word Of Mouth award removed from me too?

  12. Hello everyone, I can understand why the award XBA Promoter was removed from my awards and i'm ok with it. But I can't understand why the award Word Of Mouth is removed too. I got it before XBA Promoter ,for promoting the site my way,for referring X360A in my Xbox bio, and Twitter bio. So it will be appreciated if I could get it back. I will also post on Are you missing an award? Post here with details thread too.
  13. I can confirm this. Thanks for the info.
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