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  1. Need some to trade beat a rival online on grid 2 gt Masterfuljk23 send msg and add on racenet
  2. 360 looking for completionist on original map and all the nightfall ones will help anyone on both as long as we go each time for max chievos aka completionist gt Masterfuljk23
  3. Need all co-op achievos add me with a message saying cry and lets do this
  4. Career seems brutally hard even on world class playing as leicester won 8 drawn 10 lost 4 and job is almost lost. I cant keep a clean sheet even with 5 at the back. it seems so unbalanced i score and i might aswell put the controller down as there guaranteed to score in the next 5 mins rant over So back on topic anyone no and slider adjustments that just balance it a bit prof is far to easy i just want it to be fair
  5. to make it look like the video turn the explosive perk on
  6. looking to get this done today please watch this video a few times i dont have a long time to get gt Masterfuljk23
  7. My second bitch is the campaign im busting it out on hard and in the middle of the fight in the fields on rock and a hard place i literally was so bored i stopped its not the difficulty its the story and characters i literally couldnt give a shit i feel as if im just going from one pointless and i mean pointless battle to another i felt more of a connection to the shadow run single player and that was just training games this is easily the worst single player experience of my gaming life. theres not even been any bits where if gone hum that was cool nothing. Multiplayer is properly my favourite experience ever how can they get it so right and so wrong? a couple more levels and this piece of shit second disk can burn forever
  8. I have a skill of 320 but it dropped to 250 i have no idea
  9. Right what the hell achievements for doing certain things in the campaign are just not unlocking for me at all just this second, i done the chase one just now and beat it in under the time and nothing and i did the not on my watch and nothing im not replaying this soon so is it a problem i should wait?
  10. stella guide i get alot and i mean alot of maintence by just running behind the amtrac it takes such amount of damage i get like 10 a game its so fricking sweet
  11. Ive been playing around with the assault class and i have to say the M16a4 with a infra red sight on is excellent in conquest people hiding in bushes no longer hide and its accuracy helps loads
  12. I thought it would be nice to see what guns people use. I use the AEK-971 as my assault gun and i love it its just lovely with the heavy barrel and a for-grip and the delightful Russian holographic sight
  13. just looking to farm co op score on last level up to bomb im joining randoms at the moment
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