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  1. Is it possible to get 1000g with just the 2nd guide? Because the 1st (http://hp.kutikomi.net/aselia3/?n=page727) seems to be down?!
  2. Now, that's some awesone guide :-) I hope you'll find out how to trigger the last cut-scene. Looking forward to playing this game, i never heard of before.
  3. GFWL is still supported, but you cannot complete the game anymore, because the (ranked) servers are down.
  4. It could have be so cool, but now i am on my 3rd Windows Phone, 2 have been trashed (internal Flash Memory full... bam!), all the delisted games i paid for are gone (no refund, no possibility to redownload them), many games are glitched and where are the new ones? I wanted to like WP... but after 3 devices i am no satisfied customer. And the same seems to happen to Win8 lol. Good work, Microsoft
  5. Just started the JP-Version of Sacred 2 and want to do the 3 online-only achievements. Created a boosting session at TA on Sat. 8. June: http://www.trueachievements.com/gamingsession.aspx?gamingsessionid=326080 Feel free to join
  6. Have both, XBL and GFWL version, but will do the Xbox one first. Need the Hack the Gibson and Dodge This achievements. GT: Sonderfall
  7. Had the same problem at one checkpoint and directly after the final boss fight. Only thing that helped, was to play offline.
  8. Online Multiplayer still works... completed the game today
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