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  1. There's hope!!! I bought an Xbox One S when they came out, thinking that I would try this again at some point and hope it would work. I never got around to it, but the other day I got all three achievement notifications in my Xbox app on my phone. Sure enough, when I logged in on my console, all the remaining achievements had unlocked! I know this isn't necessarily going to help people know what to do, but after trying every way imaginable myself, at least they eventually unlocked.
  2. Sorry, I meant to write that in the original post. It just says 0% Locked. I knew the done unlocking had been an issue recently as I have some in other games but it always showed it as 100% and usually "done unlocking." We'll just see how we go. Hopefully it randomly pops, I might try again tonight when I get home from the football. EDIT: OK, so once I jumped on it was unlocked. It didn't pop up on screen, it was just unlocked and game finished when I came back on. Weird. Thanks anyway.
  3. Executioner's Touch is the achievement that requires you to kill all enemies in a single race. The thing is, I've unlocked Emperor's Glory high requires you to do this in all three races. I've tried deleting my local save, stopped syncing my cloud save, deleted the game and r downloaded but none of these have worked. Any ideas anyone? PLEASE! This is the third game that has recently had glitched achievements for me and it is really pissing me off.
  4. STILL not working for me. Don't know how many times I've reinstalled game, played offline, stopped cloud sync. This blows.
  5. I've unlocked every other single achievement but this one. This is a bit silly because if the game recognised the prerequisites to unlock the others it should have recognised this. Does anyone know a fix for this? It would suck if I have to delete the game and do it again. Edit: So deleting the game and restarting does not work. This sucks.
  6. I picked it up in a sale this week for A$6.50 (normally A$28) and it is definitely worth it! I've been playing with my non gamer wife and we've been loving it. The most disappointing part for (for her) was when it changed from the fox to the boy because he was boring. Anyway, loved watching the insights too, they made the game really.
  7. HELP! I have completed the main story 3 times and still haven't unlocked We'll All Sit Down and Have a Talk. Same with not calling mum and getting on the first bus, done that 3 times but not unlocked Canon. I only have four achievements left, which all seem a bit weird. I have the two I mentioned, Until Next Time and Wrong Bus. Can anyone suggest anything to help or that I might be doing wrong? EDIT: I've now got Wrong Bus, I thought i had tried that one but hadn't. Tried Canon again but nothing.
  8. I agree, the imp seems way OP. Which is a double edged sword coz the buggers are so small and hard to hit. I also agree with it being a bit too busy. And I'm not sure how it is priced elsewhere but here in Australia the standard edition is $99.95, which is more than double the first one at release of $45. Sorry, but it is just not worth that much.
  9. You get double coins for all daily challenges (but not double 250 for completing all daily challenges) so it makes getting the medals easier as you essentially only have to do half the challenges to get that far. For example, an easy daily challenge is 100 coins which with premium is 200. I think hard is a base of 400 which is 800 and so on. There is also a couple of people on YouTube that do the hardest challenge of each day so that also helps on getting max coins possible. I bought premium to get rid of ads as well as make it less grindy.
  10. I am fairly certain that paybacks are killing units that attack your turrets. Infantry usually throw grenades or shoot, tanks also shoot at your turrets. Just make sure you kill these units, though I am not sure if you have to do it with the turret they damaged. Mind you, I got this without trying and should come naturally, especially in later levels.
  11. Have you made sure you are completing both medal requirements? From memory, it says to gain victory you have to complete those two objective type medals rather than just play through to the end.
  12. I am waiting for my Windows 10 update on my from Win7, does anyone know if I'll be able to get this on my PC when I upgrade? I've got the game on my phone but wouldn't mind plugging in a controller as I've head win10 has native Xbox one controller support. Thanks in advance.
  13. I was wondering the same, but I do wonder if later in the campaign you can upgrade your attacking units. But having said that, the achievement unlocked when I had purchased all of Kaiser's initial upgrades. What army are other people using? I've found star bright is waaaay better than Kaiser. It had been funny actually, I've been play coop with mu wife and she loves using He man while I use star bright.
  14. I like that this bitching thread doesn't really contain that many problems in the actual game, and most of the qualms have been fixed in patches. I live this game and have some serious respect for CDPR. Unlike other developers who patch their games because they're (usually) completely broken, these guys also make improvements on gameplay and appear to listen to what the fans want.
  15. This is the reason I decided to do death march in my first play through. I thought it would be a bit of a drag but for anyone who hasn't started, I'd recommend skipping the easier difficulties. If you stick to things at your level (and always use Quen), it is easy. If you like a challenge, try taking on a griffin 10 levels above you. It is EXTREMELY satisfying when you beat them (after having died 10 times!)
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