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  1. Cheers for the assistance, Fizz! I probably won't be doing the replacing of the drive all on my own; most likely I will get my dad to sit by and make sure I don't do anything too stupid... However having read through that repair guide, the process seems fairly straight forward. Definitely can't hurt to have it in front of me while taking my machine apart. I'll let you know how it goes.
  2. I own the black version of the macbook 4.1. I've opened up and done repairs / upgrades on other computers before, including an early version of the macbook pro, but never a macbook. Most times I've had my dad's watchful eye behind me, so I'm not overly confident with doing these sorts of repairs on my own... yet. My dad was kind enough to gift me a kit of mac tools last year - he also found a spare optical drive for me, which he salvaged from a white macbook (same year, I believe). I'm aware of a few sites with downloadable repair guides; how reliable are these? I'm a bit hesitant to follow instructions from guides that may not be accurate, so would be grateful for pointers to a good one.
  3. I've had the optical drive replaced once before; this is the second one. It's barely more than a year old. I hardly use the optical drive, and already it seems to be dying on me (again!), if it isn't already dead. Today when I tried to import a couple of cds into iTunes, my macbook would 'think' for a bit then spit them out a few seconds later. This is really frustrating, as my warranty has now run out. Thankfully it is also the only problem I have had so far with my macbook, which is still running just fine apart from the issue I am having reading disks. What I would like to know is: how easy is it to purchase and install a new optical drive myself? How much will one set me back, or should I just start saving for a new computer? And is this a common issue for macbooks - should I avoid this model in future, or am I just unlucky? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. What?! NZ has now got Rockband 2 but not Australia? That makes no sense. If anyone is aware of a release date for us Aussies, please let me know. I've been wanting this game for ages now; the very reason I came to this section of 360a was to see if it had finally been released here... Might just have to cave and order a Kiwi copy.
  5. I've been weighing up the pros and cons of buying a third-party gaming headset for a while now.. It seems like most people are fairly happy with the Turtle Beach models, but what's this about being drowned in wires? And is there no completely wireless third-party headset which functions in the same way as the Microsoft version?
  6. Hehee, your interests make me giggle... I think you are right though. Dogs and cats are much more preferable to the other kinds of furry things that like to grow in my refrigerator :p

  7. Seriously? Fans wrote to him complaining because something terrible happened to one of his characters? What were they expecting... It's a zombie apocalypse... Bad shit is gonna happen!
  8. Fingers crossed they don't butcher the series. I love those comics; I'd be emotionally distraught if they savaged the characters or story line in any way.
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