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  1. For me it was O&S during NG+. Since I had no idea about the beating order I beat Ornstein first during NG which left me with Super Orn during NG+. I played the whole game solo so that fight had me down to my knees for several days before I finally beat them. It was extremely satisfying
  2. http://www.speedtest.net/result/2887801642.png Also got an older run in my sig apparently
  3. I will absolutely keep mine. There is so many games I haven't played yet and so many achievements I still plan on getting If switching between consoles is possible when the next-gen consoles hit the shelves I'll be playin on both the 360 and the One. Otherwise I'll wait before buying the One and continue playing my 360.
  4. While World at War was a hard one to beat nothing compares to the rush I felt when I completed Devil May Cry 4. By far the hardest title I have completed
  5. I've been wanting to remix videogame music for the longest time but never gotten around to it. Your stuff sounds good, especially the two ones you got linked in your post. Which kind of genres do you do?
  6. If every game is available on release through digital download all import costs should disappear. Where is the logic that just because I reside in Sweden (or any other country in Scandinavia since pricing seems about the same here), I should pay 90-100 bucks? Not likely though since Crysis 3 on demand atm costs 699 SEK (£68 or $107)
  7. Whoops! Missed that one. Well, seems nice enough. Would like to see a price drop but that will never happen
  8. So an item at $70 is about $75. I feel somewhat violated... If I remember correctly the prices did go up after the current-gen launched so they might go up this time too. I have a sinking feeling that the prices here in Sweden here will land at around 100$
  9. I don't really understand how pricing in the US works? Let's say a game is priced $70. Do you pay $70 of your money and that completes the transaction or ar there taxes and stuff thrown in the mix? A brand new current-gen game in Sweden can cost up to 599 SEK which, using a converter, equals $91.
  10. I watch too many shows to list here but the ones not on break atm: -Continuum -Orphan Black -Revolution -The Glades -The Goodwin Games -Save Me -Hannibal -Da Vinci's Demons -Game of Thrones -The Client List I might watch a tad too many shows...
  11. Dead or Alive 4 495/1000 If i remember correctly I think I bought this along with my first 360. I think i got my 360 on release but I'm not sure. I've got all the survivals and multiplayer (which i won't even try) left
  12. For me it's Assassin's Creed 2 I think. The Lego games are quite easy as well.
  13. There's so many of them so I'll go with the latest which was Bishock Infinite.
  14. When I was younger I broke stuff. - I threw my old nintendo controller at my keyboard for my Amiga 500 breaking off some keys during Mega Man 2 Wily's Stage 1. - I punched the keyset loose in my Amiga 500 keyboard numerous times playing random games on the Amiga. Can't remember which ones. I had some issues (maybe I still do) with rage. One time I got so angry and frustrated that I poured a glass of water on the generator for my Amiga understanding full and well what would happen. Nowadays I actually keep old soda cans nearby which I can rip apart if I get very angry, but more often than not I can control myself.
  15. ^ This I had almost no problems even on True West difficulty. Start concentration and unload in Plummer's head as often as possible during the second part. Scurry behind the different stacks of boxes and keep an eye around the edges of the upper platform so a henchman doesn't kill you. I never shot a single dynamite. Instead I focused primarily on Plummer since hitting him makes him stop throwing dynamite.
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