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  1. How do i use these "Rank Unlock Tokens" ?
  2. Hi I`m missing the last two kingslayer Files from the Ricky Sandoval Missions. I`ve searched the whole map but couldn`t find it. I also looked through several help topis over the internet, but they could`t help me. Is ther a map or something where i can check the files ? thx
  3. Why do you post this ? This is a stupid video made of real Cars, ok a little bit of ingame Screens, but i think they`re from FM6 and these a non DLC Cars for FH3 !
  4. Doesn`t work for me, my Nickname here is linked with my Gamertag over on xbox.com. I only had 3 games in that list,it never updated for me. 430
  5. I had that same Question days ago. You have to pay another 15 Pound ( if you live in England ) For me it was 25 €. VIP only means that you get discount of it. But you get 2 Expansion Packs for that price Blizzard Mountain and the next one that comes out in 2017.
  6. Ok, thought about something this way. But why do they not handle this like the COD Guys ( Treyarch or whatever ). You buy the limited etc version and get the season pass + 4 or 5 DLC`s for free thats about 90€. For Forza the Limited edition alone costs 90 € and now i have to pay another 30 € for every DLC WTF ?
  7. Hi Folks, My Question is, i own Forza Horizon 3 Ultimate Edition wich includes the VIP thing and so on. Today i wanted to play the new DLC Blizzard Mountain, but if i got to the Airfield i enter the Blizzard Sign Thing and it says me i have to buy it. Do i have to buy it ? Than why i hve the Fuckin VIP Pass ? 286
  8. Why`d you post that ? GoW is already out for a Week +some days, and nearly 1000s from here ore elsewhere should have played it. I finished the Campaign on Hardcore 5 days ago....
  9. Do you progress in the game or just playing online? i`m Level 74 and have found all barn find about Level 50 or something !
  10. I got some Questions about things in FH3. How many Horza Horizon Edition Cars are in the Game ? Can i get them all or can some cars be missed ? There are Special Tuning Styles ( Don`t know how to explain taht ) example is for the Subaru Impreza 05 ( the famous one ) . You can tune it the normal way, but there is an Option where you can put an extra modified Body on it with Special Lights etc. So my question is, how much ( and wich ) special cars are in FH3. Hope someone can answer some Questions. Cu
  11. I thought that i`ll first drive all the Roads in the Game, have a nice view and so on. But now i`m missin 1 ( one ) fu****g road and i cant find it. Is there an option or somewhat that tells me where the missing street is ? Or a Nice big Map ? I have 487/488 Streets so far. 190
  12. Figured it out myself now, you have to redeem the codes from your PC, that works like a charme for me. Think Turn 10 having some issues with that option. Maybe the`ll fix that for the other people out there.
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