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  1. So I realize the game was delisted awhile ago, but it looks like the servers are still running, as I was able to start an online game just now. As such, I'm looking to do the online achievement - text me on Live if interested, GT: DarthVillainous.
  2. Looking to do the online achievements, text me on Live, GT: DarthVillainous.
  3. Looking to do the online achievements. Text me online if interested, GT: DarthVillainous.
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  5. No idea, one of the site admins I would think. EDIT: looks like there's a thread for that sort of thing here: https://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showthread.php?t=91779
  6. Cosplay - Capcom Heroes - Complete the Capcom Heroes Dead Rising 4 story mode. – 100:1gs: Self-explanatory. Just play through the story. Ghost-Ride the Whip - Capcom Heroes - Complete an investigation using the Sissel Costume. – 20:1gs: Investigations occur at various points throughout the story. Once you’ve unlocked Sissel (see: Full Wardrobe for info on that), just make sure you’re wearing that costume when you do an investigation. One easy way to do this is during the chapter 3 main story quest “Hunting the Monster,” since you’ll go to the North Peak safe house (where you buy the costume) just before you do the investigation, and there’s an arcade machine where you can change costumes right next to the investigation itself. If you miss that, another easy way to do this is to reload case 1 and proceed until you clear out the mall safe house; once that’s done, activate the Sissel costume from the arcade machine inside, then do the investigation. Deep Dish Demons - Capcom Heroes - Eat 5 pizzas using the Dante Costume. – 10:1gs: Self-explanatory. See: Full Wardrobe for info on how to unlock the Dante costume. The best places to consistently find pizza are the two Hungry Joe's Pizza locations. One is in the mall at the north end of the Amazon Food Court. The other is in the center of Old Town. Frank Is Back - Capcom Heroes - Stun 500 zombies using the Classic Frank Costume. – 20:1gs: See: I’d like some pound cake. Tastes Like Chicken - Capcom Heroes - Feast on 100 humans using the Zombie Frank Costume. – 10:1gs: See: Full Wardrobe for info on how to unlock the costume. This one’s a bit annoying since it’s a bit of a grind – it specifically requires human enemies, and each feast only kills one enemy. Once you have the costume unlocked and you find a human enemy, charge your combo meter to 25 (a good way to do this is to charge a roar by holding around a group of large enemies), then feast using + on the human enemy. Chivalry Is Dead - Capcom Heroes - Kill 100 zombies with a Ranged Attack using the Arthur Costume. – 10:1gs: See: Charging My Laser. Satsui no Hado - Capcom Heroes - Kill 100 enemies with Akuma's Raging Demon attack. – 20:1gs: See: I’d like some pound cake. Crack Shot - Capcom Heroes - Kill 50 enemies with headshots using the Jill Valentine Costume. – 20:1gs: See: Full Wardrobe for info on how to unlock the costume. The rest is pretty much self-explanatory. Press to shoot your gun, and to aim (though the latter isn't necessary). I’d like some pound cake - Capcom Heroes - Kill 500 enemies using Ryu's Hurricane Kick attack. – 20:1gs: See: Full Wardrobe for info on how to unlock the costume. To use this attack, you have to charge your combo meter. Once you hit multiples of 25 (25, 50, 75, etc.), just press +, preferably when there’s a big group of zombies nearby. Rinse and repeat. Clowning Around - Capcom Heroes - Visit Slappy's Fun Shack and Party Poppers in the Mall as Adam. – 10:1gs: [buggy/Missable] See: Full Wardrobe for info on how to unlock the costume. The rest is self-explanatory. Slappy’s Fun Shack is in the northwest corner of Miami Boardwalk, while Party Poppers is in the hallway just outside the north exit from the Amazon Food Court. The reason this is buggy is if you visited the two stores before getting the costume, the achievement won't pop until you visit an undiscovered location while wearing it. If you've already discovered everything, you'll have to start a new game. Charging My Laser - Capcom Heroes - Kill 200 enemies using Mega Man's Mega Buster. – 20:1gs: See: Full Wardrobe for info on how to unlock the costume. Simply press while wearing the costume to use your ranged attack. Note that after you’ve taken a few shots, it takes a few seconds to recharge. Bison Dollars - Capcom Heroes - Earn 5000 Scrap using the M. Bison Costume. – 20:1gs: See: Full Wardrobe for info on how to unlock the costume. The rest is self-explanatory. A quick way of getting this is to just access a bank machine or two. The Red Cyclone - Capcom Heroes - Kill 20 enemies using Zangief's Cyclone Lariat attack. -10:1gs: See: Full Wardrobe for info on how to unlock the costume. Once you have it, just spam when you find a large group of enemies. Treasure Hunter - Capcom Heroes - Find all Capcom Treasures. – 50:1gs: There are 30 of these in all. As with the collectibles in the main campaign, you can buy maps in the safe houses that lead you to these. Gong Show - Capcom Heroes - Break the gong in Old Town using the Amaterasu Costume. – 10:1gs: The 3 Amaterasu collectibles are the only collectibles whose locations cannot be purchased. All 3 are located in West Ridge. Two are on rooftops on the farm immediately southwest of the dam. The third is on a rooftop on the building southeast of the farm and northwest of the Fireworks stand. For their exact locations, see this video: Once you have the costume unlocked, the gong is in Zheng’s Kung Fu Academy on the southwest part of Old Town, between B. Reddy Insurance Office and Big Buck Hardware.
  7. (Capcom Hero continued) Ryu 1 - Center of Caribbean Cove in the mall. You have one minute to kill 50 zombies using Ryu’s + combo. Charge up your combo using or fireballs (). Ryu 2 - Mall basement/parking garage, north of the safe house. You have to destroy a car within two and a half minutes. Just whale away at it, using at point-blank range whenever you can. Make sure to damage all sides of the car. Sissel 1 – Old Town, graveyard. You have 2 minutes to destroy three gravestones. To find the correct stones, follow your map until you’re in the blue area, then switch to spectrum analyzer in photography mode. The stones you have to destroy will have purplish light around them. Sissel 2 - West Ridge, Barnaby’s estate, of the two buildings at the very top, it’s the one on the east side. You have two minutes to photograph 4 cat stuffies. The only tricky one to spot is the one by the small greenhouse – it’s actually on the outside on the ground, along one of the corners. Viewtiful Joe 1 - Northeast corner of the park just south of the mall, in the basketball court. You have two minutes to kill 60 zombies with Joe’s + combo move. The fastest way to charge up your combo is with your gun (), but even if you resort to spamming melee attacks (), you should be fine, this is one of the easier combo ones. Viewtiful Joe 2 – West Ridge farm area, just northeast of Kent Farms Fruit Stand. Stay in the designated area for 1 minute and survive. Yellow bombs will continuously be flying at you. No real strategy here, just stay back from where they’re coming from and dodge them. It’s obviously easier if you’re a higher level and have more health. Zombie Frank 1 – West Ridge, atop the broken-down semi just outside of Tom’s farm. Stay alive for a minute by feasting as your health drains. Build up your combo meter with roar (hold ), then press + to feast. Zombie Frank 2 – North Peak, south of fire station. Kill the Obscurus officer within 2 minutes. He’ll run away for a bit until he’s on the upper level of the fire hall. Follow him until you get close enough to start attacking him, ignoring the other soldiers along the way. Challenge Accepted - Capcom Heroes - Complete all Hero Training for a single Costume. – 30:1gs: See: Capcom Hero. Fighting in the Streets - Capcom Heroes - Beat-up 10 cars using a Street Fighter Costume. – 20:1gs: Any of the following costumes will work for this: Akuma, Cammy, M. Bison, Mech-Zangief, or Ryu. See: Full Wardrobe for info on how to unlock them. Once you’re wearing one, just approach any car that’s drivable and start attacking it until it’s destroyed. The easiest way of doing it tends to be standing right in front of it and using to throw explosives at it. In many cases you can one-shot the cars that way. (Bison is particularly good at this).
  8. Capcom Hero - Capcom Heroes - Complete all Hero Training. – 50:1gs: To unlock a hero training session for a costume, you have to first unlock that costume. See: Full Wardrobe for the requirements. Then, to unlock session 2, you’ll have to beat session 1. If you fail any, you can just try again. Here are the locations and requirements for all hero training sessions. Note that if you leave the training area, you will automatically fail the mission and have to restart: Adam the Clown 1 – Old Town, where the two roads exiting from the mall converge. You have two minutes to drive over 16 gas cans. It’s fairly easy, the only thing you really need to worry about is flipping your vehicle. Adam the Clown 2 – West Ridge, Barnaby's estate, just south of the estate itself. Fairly straightforward, you have two minutes to kill 8 zombies in a large crowd wearing colored backpacks. Just keep moving and don't get pinned down in unnecessary fights. Akuma 1 - The gas station on the island between North Peak and Old Town. You have two minutes to destroy eight cardboard cutouts. Fairly simple. Akuma 2 - West Ridge, between Emergency Medical Services Station and The Muzaks. You have two minutes to kill 300 zombies with Akuma’s + skill move. This is one of the hardest ones, partly because you’re being hounded by evos and fresh zombies the entire time. Use Akuma’s fireball () to build your combo, then unleash the combo on a large group of zombies. Amaterasu 1 – West Ridge farm area, just southwest of the farm where two of the Amaterasu collectibles are. You have two minutes to photograph four flowers, which will light up when you approach them. One is on top of a pole right by the entrance, the next one is to the east of that on the inside fence. The third one is in the shed opposite that on the west side (above the panic room entrance), and the final one is in the barn next to the antique car. Amaterasu 2 - North Peak, on a semi-truck between Glitter Dolls, Nickolls Ink, and Freebirds Gun Shack. You have two and a half minutes to clear out all the zombies in three areas. If you’re having trouble with the last one (the one with the evos) just spam . Arthur 1 - Southwest part of Old Town, just before the bridge to West Ridge. You have two minutes to hit five evo zombies. You just have to hit them once with any attack, it doesn’t matter what. Arthur 2 - North Peak, in the center of town, just outside Tornado Convenience Stop. You have to collect eight coins in two minutes. If you fall down on the part with the floating yellow bombs, don’t despair, you can use a parked truck to climb to the roof of the building between Shanky’s Pool Hall and Freebirds Gun Shack. Bass 1 – West Ridge city area, roughly in the center of the map, outside the church that’s not marked on the map, east of Speedy Espresso and northeast of the Emergency Medical Services Station. Kill 150 zombies with + combo moves in a minute and a half. It might sound hard, but it’s not; this is the area with the densest amount of zombies in the game, after all – it’s the same area I recommended grinding kills in for Left 100,004 Dead 2. Bass 2 – West Ridge farm area, north-northwest of Viewtiful Joe 2, southwest of the Fireworks Stand, inside a barn. Easy enough; destroy 10 targets in 2 minutes. Each one should take 2 shots from your blaster. Note that there’s one hiding in the southwest corner of the barn behind a hay bale. Cammy 1 - Hallway between Amazon Food Court and Medieval Town in the mall, just northeast of Classy Jack’s Antiques. A bit of a tricky one, there are four ornaments hanging from the ceiling that you have to kill 50 zombies with. You cause the ornaments to fall by shooting them. You have two minutes to do it, and if you run out of ornaments, you fail. Lure groups of zombies under the ornaments, then back off and shoot them. Cammy 2 – West Ridge, just outside the Prawp Family’s House. You have 2 minutes to kill the Obscurus officer without being spotted by any soldiers. You cannot kill any other enemies, either. Enter stealth mode by clicking on . At the start, keep moving forward on the right side, then turn right at the corner and enter the house. Take a right once inside, pass by the crate on its left side, then go up the stairs. Take a left at the top and go into the second room, and stealth kill the officer. If you follow this path you shouldn't have to stop at any point. If you’re unlucky the officer will detect you as you’re killing him, in which case you’ll have to do it again. Classic Frank 1 – Old Town, Tornado Convenience Shop. An easy one, just shoot all 15 targets in 2 minutes. Classic Frank 2 - Classic Frank is the only costume that doesn't have a second trial. Dante 1 - Amazon Food Court, this is required to progress at the start of Case 1. You have a minute and a half to shoot 15 targets. Dante 2 – lower level of Amazon Food Court. Get your combo meter to 200 in 1 minute. This is one of the harder ones, as the usual way of building your combo meter quickly () isn’t as effective with Dante as it is for some other characters. Instead, use your attack. Jill Valentine 1 - Old Town, Barnaby’s estate, main building. You have 3 minutes to grab several pieces of armor and kill an evo zombie that looks like it’s from Resident Evil rather than Dead Rising. The first armor piece is at the bar to your left when you enter, the second is on the second floor. Next, grab the sword from the basement in the second alcove on the left. Proceed to the lab, the shield is out in the open in the room on your left, then proceed to the final room and fight the evo. Jill Valentine 2 - North Peak, on the road just south of the military base. You have two minutes to drive a vehicle to its destination, with soldiers shooting rockets at you while you do so. There are power-ups you can collect along the way to repair your vehicle, so there’s nothing really to do but collect them, floor it, and try to avoid zombies and rockets. M. Bison 1 – center of Old Town, SW of Colossus Express Couriers, SE of Hungry Joe’s Pizza. Kill 50 zombies with a Psycho Crusher (+) in 2 minutes. The easiest way to build up your combo meter for this is to throw a grenade at a group of zombies with . M. Bison 2 – West Ridge, just NW of the school in the basketball court. Get your combo meter to 200 in 2 minutes. An easy one, just spam . is not recommended here due to its strength (i.e. the fact it’ll kill enemies quickly). Mech-Zangief 1 – on the island between Old Town and North Peak, just north of where you fight some maniacs. Pretty straightforward, you have two minutes to collect 5 chairs, using Zangief’s body slam () to traverse the area. Mech-Zangief 2 - On the middle of the three paths between West Ridge and North Peak (the one that’s below the others). You have to defend a cardboard cutout of Rainbow Mika for 90 seconds. Not as difficult as it sounds, Zangief’s a beast. If you’re having trouble just stay near the cutout and spam . Mega Man X 1 - In the Mall at Central Plaza, in the middle of the Christmas village. You have a minute and a half to kill 75 zombies with Mega Man’s + combo move. The best way to charge your combo quickly is by throwing sticky bombs with , and following up with Mega Buster shots (). Mega Man X 2 - Old Town, at the very southern part of the map, just outside the bus depot. You have two minutes to collect 10 “E-tanks” from the Mega Man series. The tanks are on top of a bunch of buses and floating platforms, and early on there’s a machine gun exo blocking the path. Don’t bother fighting him, just run past him. If you fall down, you can get back up by climbing the bus that’s behind the one the exo is on. Morrigan 1 - Eastern part of the farm area in West Ridge, near a train. This is one of the tougher ones. You have two minutes to kill 100 zombies with Morrigan’s + combo move. Run along the path, building up your combo with and , triggering it (the combo) whenever you can. When you near the end of the path, the fence on the left will explode, revealing an area with far more zombies than the one you started in. Let loose there. Morrigan 2 - The bridge between West Ridge and North Peak, aka the bottom of the three paths between them. You have to survive in an enclosed area for two minutes. Spam if you’re having trouble.
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