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  1. This game needs one... and here i'll start. Everyone wants to be McCree or Reaper, no-one wants pick a healer or tank, so you are doomed to lose. Simple. I'm yelled at for not been a tank because I'm healing, then I'm yelled at for not healing because I'm tanking. I call for both and people yell even more saying I should pick it, even though I already have. No wonder I see people run in solo and die versus a team that can coordinate better than their tiny brain can even handle. /rant over
  2. Recently decided to venture back into this after realising I had both DLC's to try still! So if anyone's up for doing some 32+ PoE, Nightfall strikes or Raids then hook me up I'm a 32 Hunter. Gamertag is Totemise
  3. I think i heard there's around 53,000 across all platforms. I'm number 37,405
  4. Willing to help anyone with this achievement GT: DarkCreations I will accept any friend requests, but will delete you a few days later. Just don't want my list crowded with DS2 players.
  5. Need 2 more achievements for my 100%. Pa-Pa-Pa-Poker Ace Compulsive Liar If anyone can help me out or has a boosting session that includes these, then please message me Gt: DarkCreations.
  6. A recent post on the Darksiders (THQ) Facebook page has told us that any player that has completed or played the first Darksiders will gain in-game items.
  7. Can almost do this every time, but on the last part, he falls instantly. I don't even have time to react
  8. Haven't started mine yet, was waiting until i go on holiday in a few days Cant wait to start reading it though.
  9. You'll get charged 2-7 days before release, depending on the popularity of the title. At the latest it'll be when they ship it. Quite suprised this is your first GAME online buy mate I've got both Borderlands ULCE and Darksiders waiting for my money.
  10. I agree. Skills are there for you to adapt to different play styles, so 3 trees would hopefully mean 3 play styles, you could max one and have a few points here and there in the other trees, that's fine. Storage wise, I'm not sure, I'd love to have infinite storage but with the amount of guns, I don't know whether I could handle it as I'd want to collect every possible weapon then, and again different guns would mean different playstyles too.
  11. No need anymore, while waiting for my 50 hours, I left around 20 sandwiches last night and woke up to find a Swanana just need to wait another 25 hours for my 1000G
  12. Desperately in need of a Swanana, so I can tame the Cocoadile and Mallowolf and then get their related achievements. I'm sure I've met the appear, visit and resident requirements, but it's only appeared once. Plus I have hardly anything in my garden but a Dragonache and Rashberry.
  13. I wish I could but due to it been the start of my 2nd year at Uni I can't really take the risk but I will be playing non-stop and rushing home when I can
  14. Why so many secret achievments for this game? Personally I prefer the Secret ones to be story-related. And maybe un-missable too. Otherwise I find it spoils the story a little
  15. Had this game for around a week now from Lovefilm and finally decided to put it in and give it a go today. Managed to get everything done, but Normal and Formiddable difficulties in around 5 hours. I'm also on Flying Fortress so far on Formiddable, but I'm starting to struggle now Definitely an easy 850G, but the hardest difficulty can get frustrating.
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