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  1. Woe of Tyrants has a new one coming out in April. Upon A Burning Body's debut releases in April as well. Can't wait for both. As I Lay Dying has one coming out in October. Hopefully it's decent. At Rest is supposed to finally release one this year. As Blood Runs Black will finally release a new disc this summer. Deftones new one might be decent. The first single "Rocket Skates" isn't too bad. Hopefully Chino is done with his crooning and "soft" phase and they can get back to rocking out like on Adrenaline and Around the Fur. There is a lot more that I can't think of off the top of my head. Should be a good year for music.
  2. I like them all except 1 and 10. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks the 10th symbol looks ugly as hell.
  3. Thanks k2345, a.k.a XX PWNAGE 23 for helping me get both callsigns. Appreciate it.
  4. This is nice man. Thanks. EDIT: When I save it, it is a corrupt file. It won't let me open it in anything. Photoshop, Windows Pic Viewer, MS Paint, Paint.net. Won't let me upload it to imageshack or photobucket either. Thanks though!
  5. I love the new guns, the titles/emblems, new perks. Custom killstreaks are great and make things more intense. Haven't done too much spec-ops but it was a nice addition. As the OP said, I like that I don't have to carry a pistol. This game has many, many improvements and great new additions. As a previous poster said, multiplayer can get frustrating with shit that goes on but give it time. You'll adjust. And hopefully IW will do balancing, etc. It's not worth bitching about. The good in this game by far outweighs the bad IMO.
  6. I'm up for any kind of boosting. EXP, Headshots, Emblems/Callsigns, etc. Just message me on XBL. GT: Zombie Disko
  7. I'd like some help getting these two titles as well if someone is willing to help. I would appreciate it. Thanks. Just message me on XBL. GT: Zombie Disko
  8. I need the expert acheevos as well as expert realism. And a few other versus ones that can't be boosted split screen, but I'm more focused on the expert cheeves. Hit me up on XBL so we can get the expert achievements done before a patch. GT: Zombie Disko
  9. I'd like to get the expert campaigns done with the glitch before a patch. Also realism mode if anyone is down. Message me on LiVE. GT: Zombie Disko EDIT: Nevermind, I have to leave tonight. I'll try to find a group tomorrow or later tonight.
  10. Couldn't agree more. That movie was terrible on so many different levels. It wasn't scary at all. Not even one scene was scary. I don't know what film the critics were watching to be ranting and raving about how great and scary it is, but it definitely wasn't Paranormal Activity. Absolute dreadful film. I'm with Tussell, stay far away from this film. Check out Martyrs.
  11. Supposedly the Crash Course achievements are fixed, so I'd like to try for "Slippery Pull." If anyone else needs it or is just willing to help out for five minutes please message me. Thanks.
  12. There is an easier way, but it involves connecting your 360 HDD to the PC and transferring the theme over. Not sure if it is illegal or not and I don't want to get an infraction or anything so you should be able to Google it. I know that the L4D theme is on sites like Rapidshare, etc. The theme is beast though, best one available IMO. About time OXM gave us something badass instead of old demos.
  13. If he gets console banned, it doesn't matter how much proof he has M$ will not negotiate it under any circumstances. The same goes for account bannings. You are basically renting your account from M$. They can ban you at a moments notice if they see fit and you can do nothing about it. Reciept, pictures, etc. aren't going to help. It's in the ToS. It doesn't matter how much proof you have, if you are banned, you are banned. It is very very rare that they unban, if ever. It is bullshit you got a pirated copy by mistake from a private seller. You just happened to have your console flashed and never played a backup copy? Then one day you get a priated copy "by mistake" in the mail and throw it in? BS. Ah well, I figured you were lying when you didn't play it even after we said you'd be safe with a retail copy. Just be glad you got the PAL version. The NTSC version is causing massive bans. Speculation is that it is a review copy. No one knows for sure yet though.
  14. That's crazy! MS have been banning people left and right for people playing this early online. Some of the people banned have a retail copy (or at least they claim they do, some have posted screenshots of their discs.) They even banned a reviewer I guess. He must be lucky I guess. Or work for MS. I wouldn't play this online even if I had a retail copy until release since they've been making mistakes and banning innocents.
  15. Nobody knows. It's usually from bad rips. There is a big ban wave going on right now because of the leaked version of this game. This time it's the account that gets banned. Not the console. So you lose achievements, DLC, Avatar Items, gamesaves, etc, etc.
  16. Microsoft logs/stores data and information on a chip inside the Xbox, so playing offline isn't going to help. But since it is a retail copy you have nothing to worry about. They won't ban you. If it was a leaked copy then yes, you would most likely be banned. If it is retail then play away. And know that I am jealous.
  17. If enough people file complaints about your friends, then yes M$ will do something.
  18. A new dvd drive only costs like $25 and is extremely easy to spoof and install. Or you could replace just the laser. 95% of open tray errors are because of the laser lens. The other 5% are sometimes loose or damaged cables and whatnot. I had the open tray error on one of my older 360's. I used a laser cleaner disc which helped for a while, maybe a couple weeks or so. The error would appear every so often, but not every single time I insterted a disc. I ultimately had to do a pot tweak and it has been working fine since. I gave the 360 to my brother. But if you don't want to open your Xbox, then like you said, try contacting M$ and if it's not under warranty just buy a new console. Just stating it is much, much cheaper and ideal to replace the laser or the entire dvd drive instead of the console. Good luck though!
  19. They'll just tell him to go here (after a long, long wait): http://forums.xbox.com/1386/ShowForum.aspx And if he posts there they will just tell him he went against Code of Conduct and that the suspension stands. Sorry you were banned. But people should know by now that M$'s "police" unit has become strict and they actually enforce that stuff these days even if they do go overboard sometimes.
  20. If Halo 3 was only a 2/5 in your eyes, then no do not get this game. Maybe rent it. It is the same exact multiplayer with a weak campaign.
  21. What type of errors are you getting? Play DVD? Open Tray? Try a laser lens cleaner cd. They work pretty well. If that don't get it, then take the Xbox apart and clean the laser by hand. If it is still won't read then a pot tweak could be needed. And after the pot tweak you should have permanently fixed it. Google for the pot tweak.
  22. Why would I want to prove it? Microsoft can prove it if they are playing bad rips. Look at the mass that got banned from playing the French rip of ODST. It wasn't ripped properly and some of the data was padded and M$ could tell. Or last year when a scene group pre'd review copies of GoW3 and Saints Row 2. I too know many of my friends who have their console flashed. If you want Forza 3 so badly, go flash your box. M$ can't ban you for playing a game early. But they can ban you for playing a badly ripped game, early or not. But I was just saying it's funny how all these threads start up with questions about a game AFTER it pre's online with ppl saying they got it from a store selling it early. But it's very rare, if ever, that the threads and masses start claiming they got it before it pre'd. I'll leave it at that though. This site doesn't approve of piracy and neither do I.
  23. Exactly. It's funny a bunch of threads pop up about a game a few hours or a day after the game pre's on usenet and private trackers and then they claim they bought it early from a mom and pop store. Coincidence? No, we all know they're playing pirated copies.
  24. I beat the game on super heroic and had 13/15 and didn't get the achievement. I started a new game on legendary from the next mission console in Wakanda and after I beat the Tinkerer on legendary it popped. You could try that, or you could replay all of the boss battles.
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