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  1. Hahaha, you're funny! 84 minutes are a "schmall tutorial", hrhrhrhr... But thanks for posting
  2. Changing discs in the middle of the SP DOES ANNOY ME!
  3. I'm new to it too and everytime I'm online there are 'bout 400-500 gamers playing it.
  4. I love this game, but NO ONE is online anymore... Ok, last post was more than a year ago, but as huge as this game is... where are y'all?
  5. I do! Just bought the game and love it!
  6. Thanks, but I already have the key you're talkin' about. The one I meant is just another one.
  7. I'm somehow not able to find them. Can anybody help with a better description?
  8. Try kicking each other out of your friendslist before doin' dr2 online achievements..
  9. Yes we got the DLC if we have a fake-account for Autria for example, but on the german marketplace censorship rules!
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