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  1. That sucks man, sorry to hear that. I swear I must be the only lucky dude playing this game as it is honestly yet to give me a game breaking glitch or freeze on me...yet.
  2. Oh yeah? In all honesty I had only one glitch in my 4 hour playthrough but it was very very minor, during a battle I couldn't revive one of my characters but once the battle was over the character revived and it has yet to happen again. I still stand by my little review but rest assured if I encounter any game breaking glitches multiple times then I will surely change my review/opinion. I don't know maybe I just got lucky that it hasn't glitched on me (gamebreaking wise) yet. Again for what it's worth, I'm enjoying the game.
  3. Ok, I've put in about 4 hours so far into Young Justice Legacy and personally the game is NO WHERE near the atrocity that everyone is making it out to be. Ratings of 0's and 2's from people on Metacritic??? Absolutely ridiculous. For a game to get scores THAT low the game would literally have to be a broken, unplayable, glitch/bug fest and YJ:L is none of those. Bottom line is if you have played X-Men Legends 1+2, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1+2, or Justice League Heroes then you know EXACTLY what your getting with Young Justice Legacy, as it plays practically identical to the other games mentioned. The most common thing I read from people are "the graphics are TERRIBLE" (which I disagree with. At the very least the graphics are decent) but these people have to remember that the cartoon is 2D hand drawn while the game has them in full 3D models. Its pretty common knowledge that EVERY 2D character that's made into 3D will always look a bit "off" or "weird" until you get use to that character in 3D. Also this game is priced at $40 dollars which should tell anyone that it wasn't a full blown triple A game with an endless budget. Don't get me wrong, just because its a budget game doesn't automatically mean its going to be crap and YJ:L isn't crap. It's a perfectly serviceable superhero dungeon crawler. If you were a fan of the show (which I was) and enjoyed the games mentioned above then at the very least give the game a rent. Overall I'd give it a solid 7.
  4. Dude thank u for the video. It took me a couple of tries even with this strategy but its definitely the best and easiest way of getting the survivor achievement. Getting this solo is damn near impossible, and to think they only give u 20 points for the hardest achievement in this game.
  5. How exactly Barunson Interactive (who was bought by Gravity, maybe thats why it took so long to get released?) got their hands on the Double Dragon license is beyond me. A Korean developer who has done nothing but MMO's remakes/reimagines Double Dragon 2 into a full blown 3D brawler? Ok I can deal with that...but absolutely NOTHING about this iteration of Double Dragon 2 resembles...well....Double Dragon 2. The redone character designs look completely weird. The graphics? Weird. The music? Weird. Even the subtitle, Wander of the Dragons, is weird. What does that even mean? The whole game just feels COMPLETELY off as well as its gameplay. Oh and NO online co-op? Really? The HD version of Double Dragon had online co-op for Christ sake. Neon is guilty of this as well but then again Neon (in my opinion) was awesome (thanks Wayforward). I plunked down my $10 for it since its Double Dragon and I've always been a fan, but this release is just INCREDIBLY BIZARRE.
  6. Haha I wouldnt be surprised if they havent gotten it yet. Its a bitch to find, best bet really is online. Even though I had to get mine at gamestop (HATE that company) im just glad I was able to get my hands on a copy. I've played every History game (except the medeviel one) and yes while they are no where near a triple A release I still find them enjoyable.
  7. Yeah seriously. This game has only been out a week and a half and EVERY game store where I live dosent have it/never received it. I had to buy it at the cocks at gamestop and even then the copy that I got was the only copy they had (the display copy that was already open). Since I couldnt find it anywhere else I just bit the bullet and bought it. Wouldnt be surprised if this turns out to be a rare game in the future.
  8. Thats cool man, to each his own. Just for me personally I didnt find it too bad. I've paid much worse so in that regard (to me) it isnt that bad for the $10 asking price.
  9. Never even heard of this out of no where title but I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by it. Don't get me wrong as its definitely not a game changer in any way, shape, or form but for $10 this (I thought) is a very decent 3rd person/underwater shooter. Voice acting is hilariously bad, and the story you will not care about, but the graphics and controls are pretty solid and its a decent length. While I haven't completed it yet I just finished the 1st act and I would say it took me about 2 hours. Achievement wise its INCREDIBLY easy so that's a good plus for all the achievement hunters out there. All in all I'm pretty satisfied with this title. I've bought much worse for $10 (Amy for instance, though if anyone enjoyed it that's 100% cool, to each his own). Not bad at all for the price.
  10. Just a warning to anyone who is in the middle of playing Amy. You may want to beat Amy BEFORE accepting the patch because when I had accepted the update it erased my level progress, so when I went to choose the chapter none of them were no longer available and I had to start from the beginning. I wanted to see the "fixes" done to the game and luckily I had already completed it before the data erased. I dont know if it happens randomly or not but again if your in the middle or farther in the game you may want to try to finish it before accepting the update.
  11. Well it depends how confident u are n what difficulty level ur playing. If ur playing on hard and going for the 10 star ranking at the end of the hospital when pyramid head chases u and Maria if u think u can get through that part while slowing down pyramid head by shooting him then then I wouldn't use a save yet, but remember that if Maria is in ur line of fire 1 shot from ur gun will kill her, so again it depends how confident u r. I would wait until you get to the save point right before abstract daddy (doorman) for ur first save n ur 2nd save should be at the graveyard before fighting Eddie.
  12. Yeah I did, I reloaded the last part again right before the boss and got beat it with 4,388 points of damage and still nothing.
  13. Beat it with 4,699 points of damage and received the regular ending. Anyone else have the same problem?
  14. Out of the Team Silent era my list would be... 1) Silent hill 2 2) Silent Hill 3) Silent Hill 3 4) Silent Hill 4 The Room Out of the Double Helix, Climax, and Vatra era my list would be... 1) Silent Hill Shattered Memories ( I thought Climax did a PHENOMENAL job) 2) Silent Hill Origins ( Again I thought Climax did a GREAT job) 3) Silent Hill Downpour 4) Silent Hill Homecoming I know that people want Silent Hill games to capture the essence, dread, atmosphere etc of the Team Silent era but people have to understand that it was Konami themselves that broke apart Team Silent. The new developers that they hand the reigns to I'm more then positive DOESN'T go out to make a bad Silent Hill game but since its no longer Team Silent so no matter what or how many Silent Hill games gets released there will ALWAYS be some sort of mixed reactions towards it. Me? I ALWAYS keep my expectations in check with each new Silent Hill and to be honest I've enjoyed every single one. Especially Climax Studios Shattered Memories (what a FANTASTIC twist/surprising ending! Had the absolute best ending in my opinion since SH 2). And Origins was a very solid entry.
  15. Haha sorry I should have said "how do I post the result screen on 360achievements?"
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