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  1. looking for a partner to boost the 500 ranked wins Gt- Bear104 just send me a message and fr
  2. looking to boost the poker liars dice and race achivements Gt-Bears104 Just send a FR and a message
  3. looking to boost Kingpin Gt-Bears104 Just send me a message
  4. awesome been wanting a marathon perk
  5. looking to boost all the poker,liars dice,stronghold, and race achievements will also help with any others Gt-Bears104 just send a message and FR
  6. hey im looking to boost the online achievements i have all the dlc so i can (help) with anything you need Gt-Bears104 just send me a message and a FR
  7. nice roadmap got this game awhile ago for $5 might try to 1000 it
  8. cool i think ill pick this up today
  9. the reason most people don't like playing with clans is because they work together unlike the random people on their team
  10. hey i am looking to boost the dlc achivements Gt:Bears104 just hit me up on xbox live
  11. looking for someone to trade win and host achives GT is bears104 just message me
  12. looking for players to do 4player achives and 25 ways to die GT is Bears104
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