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  1. Playing a little of everything until I get bored and jump on to the next game: Carrion Gears 5 Maneater Unto the End Doom Eternal A Plague Tale: Innocene A Bard's Tale Remastered The Dark Pictures - Man of Medan
  2. 2/10 This game is actually close to a 1/10 since the levels are super short and you only have to run from A to B most of the time. During some stages you have to dodge enemies but that's it. Collect the keys, find the exit, rinse and repeat. No shooting, killing or casting magic spells in this one. Was fun!
  3. 41 minutes This funky silly game can be done actually faster in between 20-25 minutes if you're not get lost and find enough keys. Funny though that you only need 2 keys for doors with 3 locks on it. That was in my case. Died once by falling to death and died once by one of the monsters roaming the dark corridors. Did not expect much, I knew what I get myself into for the price of 9.99. No regrets, bought it, completed it. 150th 100% game on my list. Happy now!
  4. 8h50m I quite enjoyed the different scenarios. Only irritating downside was, the achievements had a 30-45 seconds delay till they unlock. Weird on this one! On top of that due to one wrong answer during one of the three endings I messed up following a trash guide. Had to add another TWO playthroughs to my total completion time. All can be done in one run so prepare yourself with a decent guide. 2h tops for the regular completion, not longer. Three fucking playthroughs in the end because none of the 10+ guides out there mentioned that one specific ending ("Continue/Mindfulness") will reset your progress and you have to go through all the shit again.
  5. 2/10 Nothing really hard, that is if you can follow a decent guide and make sure to not waste all your bunnies towards the end. Keep at least one. Got the game dirt cheap for 1 buck with game pass. I wouldn't pay the full price for such a short game. Wait for a sale or get the game pass aswell.
  6. 2h04m ...according to TA. Could have been less, blame the coffee breaks I took due to some missable-unskippable cutscenes. Make proper saves or you are forced to play the game again from the beginning. Got the game with game pass, not worth the full price IMO.
  7. 3/10 Even with passwords you can die quickly if your aim and strafing while shooting sucks and if you use the wrong weapons and do not utilize the useful save option. Other than that a fun gory walk in the park. Worth with game pass, not worth the full price.
  8. 1h07m ...with passwords obviously. Then again if you want to run everything legit be my guest. I was just looking for a quick completion and it was fun too. The final achievement "No Escape" on "Watch Me Die" level forced me into some replays but doable if you know what weapons to use. I acquired the game via game pass, so I only paid 1 buck rather then the full game price.
  9. I appreciate this BadDriver. Glad to see you here and wildly with guides for the Playstation.
  10. Yea, I've been playing Hitman 2 and Predator: Hunting Grounds for a while. Quite fun. So what can we expect for October on Xbox? Any good leaks yet or already confirmed? Games like: Aaero Hover Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Resident Evil Code: Veronica X
  11. Conrats NataSS, what a milestone. I've been stuck on 225k for the past few years after I moved to Playstation. 76 Platinum trophies later with a 100% ratio I return.
  12. One more episode to go till the midseason-break hits. More of Maggie less of the deez nutz Commonwealth please.
  13. Looks good at my end. Cheers for getting it to work!
  14. I can totally relate. As for FF9, same. But the F&F movies has become to a point for me to where you have lost some brain cells and are eager to watch the next one just to lose some more brain cells. 😂 Watched it yesterday and have to admit, not such a bad movie at all. If you like Emma Stone that is. 7/10
  15. Born 1983 do the math. Joined this cool community back in 2009.
  16. My random thought: Just watched "A Quiet Place - Part 2" and damn it is as good as the first one I can tell you that. But here is the fun fact which I did not actually know. The film had its world premiere in New York City on March 8, 2020, but has been postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic. That's over a year man! Here's to part 3 in 2030 something.
  17. The Unholy (2021) 2/10 Jeffrey dean morgan ✅ Jump scares ✅ ✅ ✅ Creepy moments ❌ Gore ❌
  18. Just read a newly released article "CD Projekt struggling to get Cyberpunk back on the PlayStation Store." If Sony still does not approve it yet says something about the current state of the game. At least on consoles that is. PC should be fine I reckon.
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