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  1. Don't know if you've tried the gold pack method posted over on TA. Basically you open about 5 gold packs then a diamond or ticket pack and sometimes it forces you're % closer up to where it should be. I only had around 220 cards at the time with a 70% unlock and using the 5 to 1 method a few times it unlocked the 200 card achievement. Worth trying when they have events up when you'd be using crystals/tickets anyway.
  2. Thanks, sent off a ticket. Didn't even know that feature was there. Here's hoping for a postive outcome.
  3. Where do you contact in relation to missing gold scraps from the recent removal?
  4. Yes you can get pretty much all misc achievements in any mode.
  5. You can use any item in the game once it's on your profile regardless how you get it.
  6. Looking to grind some cakes whilst leveling. GT: AFreakinCabbag3
  7. I found the lower ammo relic to be very easy to use as I doesn't effect you that much.
  8. Yup, over 5000 kills later and I got my 50th slap. Now I can accept my promotion .
  9. The dieing player needs the perk on I think it's the second one down in Tier 1.
  10. If only it was as easy as you make it sound . Around 100 games played. 20 slaps and in one game I had 7 slaps.
  11. Banker is the fastest if you use the mana glitch or level 70 if someone runs you through Glitter+ you get 3-7 days of work in about 10 minutes.
  12. For highier lower ground you can also shot a venom shot on the drill then run up/down a bank making the challenge very easy.
  13. You must play as each class personally. Makes no difference the players you are or aren't with just finish the level as each class.
  14. The tree house on G&G (garden 2 Mansion I think) I have gained multiple double kills on set up enemies.
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