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  1. Hitting level 50 is my last achievement to get. Currently on 27, I think. Anyway, I noticed something yesterday on the tracker. When I hit level 25, my tracker showed 49%. Jumped to 51% when I hit 26. I would think it would all be multiples of 2. So 50% for 25, 52% for 26, etc. Is this normal? I'd hate to get to 50, and have it stuck on 99% or something.
  2. Got this last night. Really was a pain. Took me about 10 hours or so. Only level 50 to go!
  3. Surely this has to be a mistake then. I could see something like get 5 marked kills while being marked, but 50 is a bit excessive given all the other trophies in the game. Even getting total 50 kills while marked sounds much more reasonable.
  4. I agree that achievements have been kind of frustrating this generation. However this is pervasive on the xb1. I don't think the blame lies on ubi really. Thank MS for changing how the system works.
  5. Thanks for the heads up. Ive been waiting to try this. If you already completed the tasks do you have to do anything or does it just pop?
  6. I haven't gotten anything, either from Amazon or Ubi (other than from several months ago getting some extra points for the site). How did you go about getting your codes?
  7. I've tried many times. I've gotten into about 5, but I'm averaging 4-5 hours per success. It sucks. I'm too persistent and just keep trying and not even playing the game at all.
  8. Also waiting for the achievements to come up. Strange that they aren't up yet, ACU had the achievements for Dead Kings up for weeks (if not months) prior to the DLC going live.
  9. I know the game just came out, but curious if this glitch carries over to this one. Anyone heard anything?
  10. ... I played this last year and really enjoyed it. I was going through my posts today and visiting a few old threads. I recently finished Unity but this game was by far a better experience overall. So I thought I'd love to play more of that game, then realized that Rogue is very similar. Though I bought Rogue, I have been waiting to see if it gets ported over to xb1. My 360 has been boxed up and in a closet for some time now. Anyway, useless post but maybe someone can relate.
  11. Looking for the coop achievement. Can't seem to find a game. Let me know if you need it too. Gt: jimbo91375
  12. It is working. I thought they would come up immediately, but mine didn't populate until after I saved and reloaded a couple of times. I spent hours messing around without saving out of fear that mess it up. Wasted time.
  13. Well that is unfortunate. Kind of ruins this for me. Surely I cant be the only one
  14. I uninstalled and reinstalled. I disconnected from live hoping to play without the patches but it wouldn't let me. Had to i stall the patches again to play. I am not getting the blueprints. Ugh.
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