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  1. It can be 1 playtrough and timeline the rest. For me: Playtrough on Hard: 10 hours, Timeline on Easy: 5 hours.
  2. My guess was 7/10 or better so I'm happy with most of the review scores.
  3. I got it fully pre loaded I just left the 75GB overnight. Took 3.5 hours. I can see it being a problem on slow internets. I would just go physical and stream it then. On a medium fast internet I could live with slightly slower downloads with the digital convenience. There is no point IMO to have physical and then download 75GB. You might as well buy it all digital then.
  4. Load times and framerate issues patch it! Other: No crouch, Grapple/Parachute stop with B not LB, Stuck grapple hooks, Weapon/Vehicle Drop cooldown time. Vehicle driving could be better. One small bump or turn, race ruined.
  5. Not unpinned it yet. Only problem I have is load times. Just over one minute in retry challenge means 50%-75% time in loading screens (depending on luck). Twitch or TV is a must to pass time. That said I only retry a challenge 3 times no matter how much I want to beat my record. Framerate should be minimum 30 no matter what, drop the res or detail I don't care. or fix the memory.
  6. To fix the unplayable framerates and possibly load times you need to play offline. Seems like its the servers and leaderboards. The more you play the more it slows down. Works fine for me so far at 5% complete. I only lost connection when idle/switch apps.
  7. I hope its fixed on launch if not I have to disconnect or live with it. I seen this issue on PC and Xbox. (twitch)
  8. Great guide. Chipping away at this over a few days. 100%
  9. Just picked the game up digital. Didn't import anything. 76 keys.
  10. Im hype! Playing Just Cause 2 JP stack. One more week!
  11. I got the XL edition downloaded.
  12. Tried this game again today EA access. Freeze online and campaign within minutes. Im trying one more time then next game.
  13. my friend had 54GB file then had to delete and re download. Worked fine for me though.
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