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  1. it does not come with online pass? what the fuck, this is bullshit
  2. Same here. I got stuck at the troll key. Not cool man, not cool.
  3. Oh man I posted this in the XOne fórums. Sorry guys, my bad lol.
  4. This is wierd, but in Spain we have different achievements in this game. Some of them, not all. -Wheelman (30G) Earned a total of 100,000 skill points - Fast 3000 (30G) Banked a Skill Chain of 3,000 or more - Chain Reaction (30G) Banked a Skill Chain of 15,000 or more
  5. Same here. I recently got the game and I haven´t been able to access MP
  6. Probably a bit too late, but Enemy Within is easier to 1000 than Enemy Unknown. EU has some nasty achievements that may frustrate some people.
  7. Yep, OP is right. It does work and it saves so much time!!
  8. I cant join matches, check stats and everything online related. Am I the only one? EDIT: Ok everything is fine now but here is two things, if you already had the game, your VIP pass DOES NOT work with the downloadable BBC2. I had to delete the free BBC2 and reinstall my physical copy.
  9. Absolute: Research a tier X tank. This one is not retroactive. I have two tier X and I got nothing after installing the patch.
  10. This is the worst thing ever. No leveling up or money on multiplayer. Like...really?
  11. You can recover this game from download history in case you already purchased it. I just did.
  12. Yes, I also have this. In fact, when this happens I know I'm gonna get kicked from the session.
  13. Alert: Connection to the session lost due to an unknown connection error. Please return to Grand Theft Auto V and try again later. Since last patch I keep getting this message everytime I try to join a public session. Whats is going on here? NAT's open and everything works fine in other online games. Thing is so bad now, I can only join private crew sessions
  14. I just had to log in to give you a thumbs up. I absolutely agree with you Flibbity.
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