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  1. I also need help with online achievements. Especially with MEDIC! =) GAMERTAG: "COE SPIN BETA"
  2. I am 45 in lone wolves and i interesting in boosting to general. So let me know if you want it too...
  3. I need 10 wins in a row, and 100 wins too. So, if it interesting for you, let me know! GT: Spinogriz.
  4. Skill ranges: 1-10 Life Goes By (GMT) - Overkill Steppin Razor 11-20 (enter gt and achievement) 21-30 (enter gt and achievement) 31-40 Teddy773-Overkill 41-50 Spinogriz (+3 GMT) - "2 FOR 1"
  5. I made a KILLIONAYERE! =D That's craaazy fun... )))
  6. I need to complete coop episodes. So, if you want it too, let me know!
  7. Hi everyone! ) And yes, for the first - sorry for my shitty english. But i really need help with my last Halo 3 achievement - "2 for 1"... I am at 44-45 skill in FFA, and when i say to people in lobby that i want them to help me get this achievement, i hear that they already have it, or it is for noobs, or they just dont want to loose the match for achievement. =((( Rarely, it can be found a guy, which sad: "Yes, i will help you, no problem!". But i need at least 2! O_o So... I really don't know how to do that, expect to create this topic and try to find a guys with similar ranks and use a "Language Cheat". )))
  8. Hey, guys, i need only "2 for 1" achievement! =((( But i dont got it on lower ranks so it is extremely hard to get now! Can someone help me? This is a last achievement before my 1000 in Halo 3!!!
  9. 1. ianswoody | Mongoose Mowdown, Overkill | 15 | CST (-6 GMT) 2. JonkyB | Overkill, Two For One | 11 | EST 3. justadd123 l Steppin Razor, Overkill, Maybe next time buddy, killing frenzy l 12ish, can get higher if needed l GMT 4. Azreal Inc | Overkill, Killing Frenzy | 10 | PST. 7. Maartos | Overkill, Two For One | 13 | GMT+1 8. Emfulz | Overkill, Two For One, Mongoose Mowdown | 8 (if I need higher, let me know) | GMT -6 9. JoeJones | Overkill, 2 for 1, stepping razor | 11 | GMT 10. Spinogriz | 2 for 1 | 44 | (+3 GMT) 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.
  10. The ea.skate.share site is lagging, so i cant login to my account... =((( If someone can vote for my stuff in game, i will very pleased! My GT: Spinogriz.
  11. Is "REBAR BENT" can be found only on 1st level, or and on another levels too? HELP PLS!
  12. 1) Vasilisssk 2) illkontent 3) Wreckon Dracgon 4) 5) 6)
  13. Cool awards, which nobody wonna give me, though I have deserved them! )))))) But, the main thing it is certainly people... ...People who suffer my awful English, who already helped me many times, help, and I hope will help me in future!
  14. Hi evetyone! I need ALL the online achievements, so if you need atleast some of them - send me FR and we start boosting!
  15. Hey, i was called numbers from guide, but it seems like i pass some of them... I am at 72% now, and need 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17 unlockables. I know that 13, 14, and 17 i cant call now, but anebody know nubmers for 15 and 16? I really dont wonna call all the numbers again...
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