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  1. After reading through this entire thread, and since no one has answered this question yet, THERE IS A 24th WHEEL IN ORNAMENT VALLEY. You will receive this wheel as SOON as you zone into O. Valley for the first time, regardless of whether you watch the cutscene where Mater and McQueen make obnoxious noises mocking the Ghostlight. I have tested and confirmed this with several save files. You are spawned on top of the wheel when you enter after you skip/watch the cutscene. Nothing will pop up on the screen saying "Collect X amount more of these wheels to complete the set", but the sound that pops up signifying a wheel has collected will. Follow the WONDERFUL maps posted by Numero Uno, (which is counted 23 in O. Valley +1 from the entrance spawn) and if you get them all in O. Valley, press START >>> PLAYER STATS, and your WHEEL SETS should say 6 of 8 (the remaining 2 sets/8 wheels (in Tailfin Pass) will then unlock the achievement). **Side Note: There is a new Tailfin Pass map up on PAGE 3 OF THIS THREAD. People should really read through the ENTIRE THREAD before they post already-answered questions. Hope this clears up some questions about this very easy 1000g game. Cheers.
  2. Just got this game and am needing to boost the online cheevos. PM or FR and we can set something up. GT = RoflCopter14
  3. After much trial and error with the terrible passing system in this game, I found a way to make a completion 9 times out of 10 with a receiever. ***Note:: DO NOT USE 2 CONTROLLERS FOR THIS ACHIEVEMENT, as it will not unlock.*** I started a PLAY NOW game, with 5 MINUTE QUARTERS on FRESHMAN and used SOUTH CAROLINA BULLDOGS vs. STILLMAN COLLEGE. Also I chose my offensive playbook to PASS HEAVY. If STILLMAN COLLEGE wins the coin toss, just let them score as fast as possible, as to let you get the ball back. Once you have the ball, Select from your playbook FRESHMAN MODE >>> PASS >>> SHORT >>> then pick the play that is labeled HB SCREEN (the play labels are on the top-right of the play box). After you hike the ball, immediately run your QB backwards and hold the RIGHT TRIGGER. Run backwards until your HB stops moving, and throw him the pass with RIGHT BUMPER. Right before he catches the pass, hit the Y button and this should almost guarantee that he catches it. I got my achievement this way before halftime using this method. I hope this helps get through this terrible game.
  4. Just got this achievement today, which wrapped up my 1000 in this HORRIBLE GOD-AWFUL GAME. Just thought I would give a little insight on how I did it. I used STILLMAN COLLEGE as my favorite team, and used the STILLMAN COLLEGE half-time show through the XPERIENCE MODES menu. There are 3 renditions of the halftime show. Each show has 4 parts to it: the first 3 parts are always the same, but it's the last part that differs. The EASIEST one to get 100% on is when the last song is that one dance song that goes "She hit the floor, next thing you know, she went low low low....". This show has a total of 522 notes altogether. To make sure you have all the notes and you didnt miss any, here is the breakdown of how many you should have after each 100% section (these numbers only apply to the aforementioned halftime setlist in this guide) Section 1: 83 Section 2: 257 Section 3: 370 Section 4: 522 (ding achievement) The other 2 are much harder, as they have you hit notes a lot faster, and thre are more of them. This achievement is definetly attainable if you are halfway decent at rythym games (like GH or RB or DDR). Don't believe everyone else's posts about how ridiculous this achievement is. You never know until you try.
  5. After digging through the forums and through personal playthrough, here are the easiest locations for 3 of the 6 achievements: **Don't Drive Angry*** Level 82 --Run up to the marmots and blast one head-on with your shotgun. This should give you the X-RAY VISION perk. Immediately switch to your CROSSBOW and pop x-ray vision. Pick off marmots until you get the achievement. ***Is That Howard's Cousin*** Level 83 --Run up to the big group of bushes to flush out the ducks. Fire your shotgun at them until you receive the X-RAY VISION perk. Immediately switch to your CROSSBOW and pop x-ray vision. Pick off ducks with your crossbow until the achievement pops. You might have to restart this level a few times since the location of the 5-star duck varies. **Side-note for Level 83: As you're moving towards the center area, look to your left and you should see 2--3 deer behind the bushes. At lesat one of them is of 5-star rating. In theory, you could also get CHECK OUT THAT RACK on this level. I have not confirmed this, as I already got that achievement way before this level. ***Acme Lost a Customer*** Level 85 --Start by moving forward and hitting some foxes with your SHOTGUN so you can earn your X-RAY VISION perk. Run over to the RIGHT side of the map, between the two rows of bushes, and you should see 2 foxes. Pop your x-ray vision and equip your CROSSBOW. One of those foxes is the 5-star animal you need for the achievement. Hope this little mini-guide helps out! Please feel free to confirm my information, and to suggest additional levels where you might have unlocked these achievements. And also if anyone has a good level to earn the other two 5-star integrity achievements not mentioned in this guide.
  6. I don't have any of the DLC and would like to work on these cheevos.... Looking to get these cheevos: The Gargoyle The Teaser The Property Magnate The Party Animal The Duellist The Hoarder The Completionist The Dollcatcher The Companions The Double Threat The Philanthropist Currently working on these cheevos: The Gargoyle The Hoarder The Completionist (Dont have the XBA game yet) Please send me a FR and/or a message and I would love to help out in exchange for cheevos. GT : RoflCopter14
  7. Need all the dolls atm. Will pay in gold if need be. Message/FR me. GT : RoflCopter14
  8. Looking to boost online cheevos...send me FR or message GT: RoflCopter14 Im on right now
  9. Just used my same method again while trying for the "ALLOW NO SACKS" achievement and it worked flawlessly again. **EDIT** : This method also worked when I was going for the HELD UNDER 100 YARDS achievement. It also worked for the achievement SHUTOUT.
  10. I know this is an old game and everything, but I know that people like me still rent this game from Gamefly in order to get an "easy" 1000. The only bad part about this title is that a handful of these are very tedious to unlock because 9 times out of 10 they won't unlock after the game when they are rightfully supposed to. I think I found a way to remedy achievements from not unlocking after around 4 games and 2 hours worth of wasted game time. I was going for the 350 passing yard achievement in each one of these 4 aforementioned games but to no avail. I got very frustrated and started to read these forums here at x360a and pieced together tidbits of information and I had a brainstorm. I was running out of options until I decided I had nothing to lose. What I ended up doing was I went to the DASHBOARD >>> SYSTEM SETTINGS >>> MEMORY >>> PRESS Y ON YOUR HARD DRIVE >>> CLEAR SYSTEM CACHE Also I took it a step further and deleted my entire file of NCAA 07 profile, dynasty, etc. I loaded up the game (connnected to XBL) and DECLINED the update. I then proceeded to play a PLAY NOW game (OSU vs. San Jose). Low and behold at the end of the game i had around 400+ passing yardage and sure enough, the achievement popped at the end of the game. In short, CLEAR YOUR CACHE, ERASE YOUR ENTIRE NCAA07 FILE, DECLINE THE XBL UPDATE and DO NOT ADJUST ANY OF THE IN-GAME SETTINGS (such as TIME or DIFFICULTY). After you get your achievement/s, sign into XBL and update your game. You still should have the gamerscore from the achievement/s earned in the previous game. After that, if you have more IN-GAME achievements that need unlocking, use this same process and you should be golden.
  11. Still looking to trade the 4 player co-op cheevo. Please send me a message of friend request. GT= RoflCopter14
  12. Just got this game from Gamefly and looking to boost the online cheevos. Send a message or friend request to: RoflCopter14 ***Edit: Late edit, but I'm done with this game now.
  13. Looking to boost the 4-player MP cheevo a.k.a. Blue Ribbon. Please send a msg or friend request. GT = RoflCopter14
  14. Looking to boost online cheevos. Send friend request to RoflCopter14 **Edit: Done as of 12-10-09
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