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  1. Hello, Maybe I'm not seeing something obvious, but a search hadn't turned up any results so... I have completed all missions 0-50, all with s rank (save for 2,22,43). My mission screen shows all levels, including 45 and 46, with an s rank. I have not received my achievement for completing all missions and I did not receive my Elite achievement either. I DID receive the ability to develop the cyborg ninja and raiden as well as the masters certificate. What am I missing? Is there a mission that needs to be played again or....? Update: so the achievement finally popped, not sure why it didn't happen immediately, but I got it!
  2. Turn back? Maybe try to find some items to use if you're having trouble clearing a tall wall. You can find mushrooms to bounce on and another item which lets you defy gravity (jump higher). That's my only idea... Or restart. Hey, you're not missing much either way, so don't be bummed. Disappointing free game... I miss my 360, for all the hype, xbox One kinda blows in comparison.
  3. Good guide... video for the chinpokomon locations plays the Heisenberg achievement walkthrough for me though.
  4. Good guide... video for the chinpokomon locations plays the Heisenberg achievement walkthrough for me though.
  5. Not sure why the thread is titled for boosting... I don't want to boost. I want to do strikes and raids and what have you. Didn't see another thread and it seems to where people are doing this, so... Lvl 27 atm, xbox360, online daily pretty much, hit me up. I'm up for anything really.
  6. Online all tonight and pretty often other than that. Going through challenges on insane, and maybe the last 3-4 levels of campaign on insane. Will help as well, just message me. GT: Big Papa 07
  7. Just got the game today, let me know if you still have some extra sets available! One mans junk...
  8. Not true, look at the game Rage. It clearly states co-op 2-4 for xbox 360 console, and split-screen works no problem there.
  9. Yea, I'm going to go buy a 2nd TV, a 2nd xbox, and a 2nd copy of the game, so my g/f can play co-op with me. Wow, you're dumb. Lol
  10. Well, it does say Players 1, Co-op 2-4, and System Link 2-4, all for offline Xbox 360. So according to the box you "should" be able to play split-screen, as well as System Link with other Xboxes... so I'm a little pissed off as my g/f bought this so we could play together. Now its going back! F this game.
  11. Youre saying you switched to easy during a game then back to nightmare and continued playing? OR are you saying you reloaded a nightmare save from easy and didnt get the achievement? Just checking.
  12. way to not know what youre talking about dude! lol
  13. co-op partner for all last stand maps, hunter maps, and coop on realistic. on for at least a few more hours, msg me, GT is on the side
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