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  1. G18. Suppressed.. a BEAST. Feel safe with this thing in ma hands:) Maybe its just me, but the suppressor seems to lower the recoil a bit.
  2. I didnt like it BC2, but service star 4 is just around the corner! Its primarily used against RPGneers, but it seems to take down the surrounding enemies too:) The medikit is missed when I use it though.. so service star 5, and then back to medic.
  3. I dont teabag, but I occasionally lie down on the dead body of a person who has annoyed me badly. Maybe do a couple of pushups, or take out the EOD and drive over his corpse:) One thing I do, is "nod" with my MBT cannon when i shoot down choppers or planes.
  4. I cant understand why some of you call shotgun users campers? When I equip a shotgun, I have in my intention to rush my enemies and slam them down. Getting shot from 400 metres with a shotty? The 12G slugs has massive drop!! Maybe just bad luck? 5 -10 metres seems to be the effective range for most shotguns in this game.. 870 and DAO has greater range. Found ur favourite CGPsaint?
  5. Almost everytime im firing away a TV missile, the whole chopper explodes!? I feel like a douche afterwards.. Anyone else having that problem?
  6. IR scope and tactical light, complete daylight.. and every noob runs around blinding you, and IR scoping you with their M249 or some other user friendly gun!! Never use any of them, so in my opinion.. better off without. Slap on the AN 94 without foregrip, and maybe som ironsights or that ugly PSO 4x scope.. then we`ll see whos the better aim.
  7. Buckshot, because thats the whole point with a shotgun. Close quarters wall of pellets! Frag rounds is just annoying, slugs isnt what they used to be. I remember back in the day, when sniping snipers in BC2 with the 12g slugs.. ridicilous, but then again.. amusing:) BSH - the DAO 12 seems to have a better range than many, I often get surprised when killing people at some distance with that beast, with buck.
  8. Acog on burst rifles, for mid to long range engagement. Holo on full auto rifles, insanely jumping and shooting like a madman on my foes. Hell, I sometimes even slap the bipod and rifle scope on the AN 94:)
  9. Not just two, but three:) Cold War from the final map pack.
  10. I would say the Spas.. but unfortunately there is no Spas, so the 870 is my go to shotgun. It has greater range than the others, and is the only real shotgun in the game. Secondly, the Benelli 1014. Pretty beast, but its got a really high spread..so a few meters away, and youre better of not shooting. The Dao and Saiga I find to be pretty much the same.. The Saiga handles slightly better, almost like an assault rifle. The Usas is a story for it self.. with extended mags, its a beast.. almost inhuman.. But then again, Its not a "real" shotgun in my eyes.. fun to use though:) Enjoy ur shotty-quest! Im also going the tour of duty on all the weapons.. grinding through the PDWs now.. the P90 is one weak gun:(
  11. Map depending.. but proximityscan is a must on maps like Teheran. If I have my whole crew inside, I use belt speed. Thermal optics is godsend.. use it on both MBT and IFV. I`ve been through the different alt. weapons, but I have to say.. lately, the APFSDS-T shell have done the job for me. Tears through every inch of armor:) Im a armorman, and love these vehicles.. but nothing goes before the T90! Me as a driver, my trusted gunner and designator.. Ahhh, good times.
  12. I have 326 kills with the MAV. Its not hard at all.. just fly low, and mow em down:) But lately, I found this to be really annoying for people.. so I only use it for kills when Im sick of some RPG spamming engineers.. Its a must for the team, when it comes to spotting!
  13. Whats so fun with flying to the enemy base, destroy every vehicle.. over and over? No points, no opposition.. where is the game at then? And Dice should fix it like in BF 1943, "No points in enemy base" - cause the spawnkilling on the carrier on Kharg really pisses me off. Three games today, a couple of assholes get out on our ship, one in the AA gun, and one standing next to the jets.. shooting every single one spawning out there. What a shitty day. Players ruin a stellar game:(
  14. Hahahahahah!!! Those ridicilous names.. man, its so stupid. xxxXXXxxiSniiiIIpezzzZZZZxxxxxxxXXXX:uzi:
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