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  1. Im playing mycareer mode, year 5 on raw and currently am the WHC holder, do I need to drop the belt to get a wwe title shot or will I be in line for the wwe title while still holding the world heavyweight championship?
  2. need the online achievements to finish this game, if anyone can help that would be great and will do the same in return. my gamertag is kevmoblud feel free to send me a message. i am on UK timezone by the way
  3. I got it first try as chris jericho Vs rey mysterio, make sure youve got a finisher stored
  4. The servers have improved from last year but i do agree that players are ridiculous at countering, also in a match with stone cold (me) Vs CM punk (someone else) i managed to hit TWO signature moves and TWO stunners but he still managed to kick out at the 1 count each time and still beat me sucks
  5. I think it's a combo of all , i just set up an extreme rules 1-on-1 match and kept going under the apron for the chair. hit the other guy 4 times and the chair will be destroyed. rinse and repeat 50 times
  6. Hey guys and gals I'm experiencing a problem in completing the event list and was wondering if any of you could help/knew what to do?? Basically I'm doing the event list and have spent hours upon hours grinding the events out. I have about 30 events left to do but there is one that seems to be unavailable on the "Nurburgring 1 vs. 1 Challenge" the event "Ring Sedan Challenge M5 F10" event is not loading up even though i have garage cars that are eligible. Whenever i select it a message comes up that says "CONTENT NOT AVAILABLE This content is unknown and must be downloaded from the marketplace. Would you like to go to the marketpplace now?" but when i go to the marketplace i cant find anything to help me out. Has anyone had this problem before and knows what to do? Will I not be able to get the bucketlist cheevo now? Or will it still pop up if i carry on and complete all the other events? Sorry if this is long winded, any help would be GREAT thanks
  7. can someone buy my tuning setup please so i can get the enterpreneur cheevo, my gamertag is kevmoblud and the tuning setup name is called "achievement" its only 1,000 CR so please help a brother out
  8. I'm having trouble with this too, i added my CAW into the match to win the briefcase so does that mean I cant cash it in? Do I have to sim up to every year's MITB until my CAW is entered into the match automatically?
  9. done that, gave the titles to the team of santino and alex reilly. am now #1 contender but havent had a tag title match at a PPV yet :/
  10. I've uploaded a finisher called DEAD END to the servers, if anyone would download it that would be awesome. the name is DEAD END keyword KFC DEAD gamertag is kevmoblud PLS download my content and send me a message on xbox live with your details and i will return the favour thanks
  11. Hey, so I'm trying to get this achievement and I've done what the guide says (delete all the teams so my CAW team can become #1 contenders) but I cant delete the road warriors team of animal and hawk, they hold the old tag titles and i cant seem to strip them of it. I've beaten otunga/mcgillicutty and hawk/warrior a few times each but im always stuck at number 2 contender. any suggestions?
  12. get him to the top of the ramp, the Y prompt will light up and you can trigger the cutscene to progress
  13. I dont think its that bad just that the servers are shockingly bad
  14. I'm uploading a finisher called DEAD END to the servers, if anyone would download it that would be awesome. the name is DEAD END keyword KFC DEAD gamertag is kevmoblud
  15. I got this cheevo last night when i was buying loads of bronze packs towards the pack king achievement, although i didnt see an IF bronze player not one to look a gift horse in the mouth:woop:
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